This might be fun:

dusk-fps-videogameYea some developer admitted obvious “inspration” drawn from DOOM, Quake, and Wolfenstein.

Might be worth checking out when it hits steam *shrug*.  Thoughts?

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John Romero, the guy behind DOOM Wolfenstein and Quake:

Wolfenstein and DOOM are so badass.  I still remember playing those for the first time, how blown away I was.  Both were very creepy for their time too, with the ominous music, sound effects, and maps.  John uses the word “visceral”, which is definitely accurate.

4:12 – Interesting distribution strategy.  It’s basically the “FIRE MIXTAPE” type strategy where you give it away for free and it’s so amazing everyone of course takes it.  Then you get famous, then rich off later releases.

5:00 – I had that box.  Definitely sold it to some little shit at my parent’s garage sale back in the day though.

Doom-Video-Game5:10 – That sculpture is intense haha.

Damn, John’s game squad really did him dirty over some Quake beef.  Seems like that type of thing happens a lot. :/