R Lee Ermey

The Gunny R. Lee Ermey has season 3 of his show coming up:

The fact it’s on TV, and not easy to access on the internet means that unfortunately I’ll never see it.  Too bad, because this promo looks nice.  I’m really surprised there’s anyone at all out there who would still pay for TV.  Can’t you get everything now including sports on the internet?


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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This guy works hard and is cool as the other side of the pillow:

The Gunny, R. Lee Ermey, will get a chance to scratch his itchy trigger-finger as he plays with some fabulous weapons and weaponized vehicles, and consults with some top-notch experts. And, as only The Gunny can do, he will show our audience the way in his famous indomitable style when it comes to the world’s most fabulous weaponry.

R-Lee-Ermey-GunnyThe video was a trailer for his new show called Gunny Time (am I the only one without a show for real?).

I’d dabble with this show too (along with Jerry’s) as long as I can find a way to watch it.  Starts April 15th on the Outdoor Channel.

Thoughts?  Will watch?  Did Gunny ever steal your girl? *insert sad frog meme here about me not having a girl for him to steal*


Gunny delivers on behalf of Glock:

Glock-Diamond-Bedazzled-Pendant-JewelryThe classic Jeff Cooper rules.  Basically these can’t be stressed enough.


These Glock commercials are getting worse:

I’m not old, so I am not 100% sure… but was Gunny supposed to be Humphrey Bogart?  Regardless, it was really bad.

R-Lee-Ermey-GunnyIt’s like they do these commercials now only for the sake of doing them.  Just because you’re selling handguns, it doesn’t mean you can’t make the commercials interesting.



Yep they will lose consciousness one way or another:

This seems to be a running “theme” Glock is going with.  I guess they want to keep it “cute” and not resort to a bunch of Hollywood type violence to sell guns.  Probably a solid move, but after this little “lose consciousness  move was pulled for a 2nd time, I think I hurt my eyes when they rolled back.

hahah the guy was holding the knife backwards initially.  I know a lot of it’s probably makeup and the face he’s making, but what a creepy looking dude.

Glock-LogoGunny still getting that commerical money!



Oh Glock… Ok here we go, I’m going to break down the video:

0:02 – Guy in a white utility van in a black winter hat stroking his goatee and creepin on a girl going into her house.  This is already bad news because as far as I’m only rapists and plumbers own vans like that, and there was no background info about her toilet having any issues.

0:09 – Girl is now inside.  We find out she’s cute and has red hair (bonus), and slipped into some booty shorts (bonus #2) and a purple little low cut number with lace trim (bonus #3)

0:11 – You’ve got to be shitting me… that looks like the R. Lee Ermey Glock “wrong diner” commercial intro

0:17 – Creeper still stroking that beard and looking creepy

0:19 – OH LAWD… it is the “wrong diner” commercial… this is starting to get lame as shit.  A promo within a promo?  Lets see where Glock is going to take this

0:23 – *knock* *knock*  Who the hell knocks like that?  I would have palmed the steel/polymer right then.  She decides to get up and see who it is… sees that creepy rape van outside, gasps, but then is like “meh fuck it” and sits back down.

0:36 – Oh wait.. some acting just kicked in and now she’s acting hot and bothered.. or maybe scared, I can’t tell.

0:41 – More knocks… the knock timing wasn’t quite as creepy, but she’s naturally alarmed.  She gets up anyway… look out the peep hole to see the creepy rape van but no one there.

0:51 – OH LAWD… chain wallet, beard, and now we find out he has a pony tail… some shit is going to go down. Shit always goes down when there is a chain wallet – beard – pony tail trifecta.

0:57 – She’s now scared.  She heads to her bedroom… Goes under the bed and gets her gen4 compact (G19) from some lame lockbox with a not much of a code.

1:13 – Back on the couch but the Glock beside her.  This is how the night should have started in my opinion, and with me there kicking that gun blog flava to her ears, but whatever… continuing on.  More knocks… they are now quick and hard! She’s not impressed.

1:19 – She gets up to go to the door and sees the handle being jiggled.. backs up… steadies her gun at the door.

1:28 – Door BURSTS open… creeper is now INSIDE!

1:35 – He sees her with the gun and faints.

1:45 – He wakes up and is on a stretcher with handcuffs, and R lee Ermey (a paramedic in this case) drops the tagline.  Did the guy hurt his head or something?  Who really gives a shit if he did, I say.  I suppose he’s there as a paramedic since they are “first responders”.

Glock-LogoI’m really disappointed to see “Perfection” hasn’t yet transcended from firearms into promotional videos.  If Glock wasn’t scared of a little controversy, I’d like to be hired to make them the most badass promo video, the world has ever seen.

Thoughts?  If you have a van like that but aren’t a rapist or a plumber I’d like to hear about it in the comments as well.