The troll goal of arming every young black man in America:

The movement to put gun in the hands of those who need them most: young black males.

Is the video supposed to be funny? ironic? or what? Is the joke maybe that black criminals are using guns in the inner city?  *head scratch* … What’s wrong with every black person who isn’t a criminal having a gun?

Ohhhhhhhh nice not so subtle Trayvon references… I see what you did there.  *eye roll*   Seriously who comes up with this shit?

Why does everything have to be about race?

Obvious troll is obvious.

Man does Deon Cole look a lot like Lionel Richie!


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I knew when MrColionNoir rose to fame, race would become an issue… this article is ridiculous.

It is incredible to witness a Black man champion the sale and distribution of guns to a national community that has been devastated by the epidemic of gun violence, in the age of Trayvon Martin, of Hadiya Pendleton.

Full article over at BET.

Oh wow LOL

Fuck BET anyway.  I stopped watching their bullshit programming once Big Tigger quit hosting Rap City’s “The Basement”, and to top that off they replaced him with that new bozo on 106th and Park.  I get all my rap video and freestyle vid fix off YouTube and mixtapes now, AND I don’t have to deal with commercials.  Win win.  I do miss the days when my sister (now all grown up and busy with work/life) used to yell to me that Freestyle Friday was on, and we would watch it together. :(


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Not a whole lot of gun content in this, but if you’ve ever dreamed of pushing your family sedan to the limits you’ll appreciate what these guys can do:

Races and Airshows, although a great American pastime are inherently dangerous,  proven most recently in Reno NV.  For that reason, although I enjoy both of them, I’d rather observe from a safe distance.

Damn these guys can drive though!

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There’s an animated gif as well ( HERE ) … It would be more gratifying if the girl that got pwned didn’t seem nice.

The clip is from the 17th season of the CBS show The Amazing Race, which premieres Sunday September 26th.