This vid feels really natural… off the cuff style with the humor and delivery:

hahah great job.  I like the ENDO Apparel and Tyson Beckford shout out as well.  FYI, Tyson Beckford follows me on Instagram!  You’ll instantly become better looking if you follow me on Instagram, trust me it worked for Tyson… you should see the modeling work that guy has been getting since.


I got a kick out of reading the comments on facebook about MrColionNoir’s Glenn Beck appearance, how people “didn’t recognize him” without a hat.  Something as minor as that really becomes part of an image / brand.



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This is amazing:


“You never seen a classic pimp walk before?  It’s called swag son, get a look at it.”

Absolutely perfect.  Argh I’m so behind of episodes… I need some spare time to get caught up soon.


Buck Yeager gives so few shits (so he says) but he actually cares so much what everyone thinks:

Out of all the things to respond to, the classic “You’re a racist because you have tattoos, a beard and a shaved head” that seems a bit ridiculous unless he was just looking for an excuse to take his shirt off on camera, which I’m almost positive was the ulterior motive.  We all know, anyone who is racist advertises it with full ink on their upper body.

He then goes on to tell us what a good guy he is… “good guy Yeager” fo’ sho’.  That whole stay in the team room for free thing is actually crazy generous, that actually does really impress me.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedAnyway the TLDW of this all is Buck Yeager isn’t a racist because he says so, and doesn’t have any racist tattoos *shifty eyes*. Take his word for it that he would 100% shoot a black guy or a mexican guy that came to take his guns, just as quickly as as he’d shoot a white guy or a woman.



Made and sold by Hiller Armament Company.  $16.50 for 10 targets.  Stay classy guys.

The only thing more hilarious than people making stuff like this up solely to piss people off, is that people will actually but these targets and use them to piss even MORE people off. Quite a first product for Hiller Armament Company to come out with regardless. They really set the bar high for their 2nd product LOL.

I lost interest in that case a long time ago.  What ended up happening?  Did the companies that own Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea see record sales for the past few months?


So a 17 year old boy shoots his younger brother with a .22 LR in the rear end (sorry I meant the buttAX) … big deal?   If it was an accident and the kid is going to be fine they should just let the family take care of it.   I don’t often say “That’s racist!”, but in this case I bet if some white kid in a more affluent area shot his little brother in the ass the cops probably wouldn’t even show up, and everyone would just laugh it off.

When he bolts at ~40seconds is the best part… I was honestly bracing for the sounds of an entire magazine being emptied *phew*

Hat tip: Bryan


I think this is hilarious:


I watch a lot of comedy, mainly black comedians such as Katt Williams, Dave Chappelle, Mike Epps etc… and most of their comedy is racial. They poke fun at all type of stereotypes, whether it be black, white, asian, hispanic, and frankly I think it’s hilarious.   And no one would think those comedians I mentioned were funny, if what they said couldn’t be related to by a large number of people in those races that they poke fun at.

The classic double standard rears its head once again when it comes to this Bill Maher Clip. Most of the blogs are OUTRAGED to say the least, that he would say such a thing.  :roll: get over it… He made a black joke, who cares.  It’s perfectly acceptable for black people to joke about white people, and I don’t buy that shit, that it can’t go the other way.

If you think anyone who laughs at this clip is racist, I say go get a sense of humor. And if you think it’s unfair to associate black people and guns, I say go read any Chicago based news website for starters.  Or are those stories fabricated as a part of some vast conspiracy?