rainbow six

Dude from a YouTube channel called Game Theory brings his friends to a simulated real life game-like operation:

I put mad hours in on that OG Rainbow Six… its multiplayer was so awesome for its time.

Holy that Rainbow Six Siege game looks intense.  It’s probably best I don’t even buy a video game system or get involved in games that look that awesome. I have too much stuff to do.

Good Q&A with the real guys at the starting.

Game-Theory-Rainbow-Six-Siege6:42 – No one in the game squad has fired an actual gun

haha I love how Scotty is in a permanent state on SMFH the whole video.


Gat tip: Adrian


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Coming out for the major game systems in 2013:

Creating hype over a year in advance seems kind of dumb, but what do I know?  Says “Not actual gameplay footage”, but I’m guessing actual gameplay should look pretty close in the end.

I read Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 book, and played the very first game and really liked it.

What’s the concensus now ?  Is Rainbox 6 still cool? Or Are Modern Warfare and Battlefield way better?