raking leaves

IraqVeteran8888 does it right:

hahaha amazing.  My parents didn’t even have that big of a yard and I used to hate raking leaves so much.  Come to think of it I hated do anything lawn or garden related.  Shoveling snow was the worst too.  If I didn’t enjoy doing outdoor activities, working out a bit, and eating well, I’d definitely weigh like 800 lbs.

FPS-Russia-Dragons-BreathAnyone just scorch their entire lawn and replace it with something which doesn’t require maintenance?  I’ve always wondered in really hot places like Arizona where lots of people don’t have lawns if there is still upkeep you need to do like rake nice lines in the sand or something.  Is that a think people do?  I’d probably just go for the rugged look and have cool cacti and various other regional plants everywhere.  They would have to require little to no maintenance though, or I’d definitely kill them due to neglect.