Polenar Tactical knocks it out of the park.  Hahah this is too good:

I know I’ve said this before, but seeing as Polenar Tactical is based out of Slovenia I’m really surprised the humor translates so well.  They really “get” American culture for real.

Polenar-TacticalThe stereotypes depicted in the video are dead on.  There’s a post I made a while back on here titled List of Offensive Shooting Range Stereotypes which you guys might also like.  As you’d expect, many people in the comments don’t get that it’s a joke.


Hat tip: Kyle, Lesley, Rick


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Visually stunning:

wanted-to-trade-ak47This guy has a cool collection.  Someone let me in on the make of the stock on that mock-honeybadger rifle… DO WANT.



He may not be Jerry Miculek fast… but he’s fast:

Accurate too.  I’d like to see him and Jerry face off in a video.  Just for lolz I’d want there to be a long 2 way conversation about anything at all before hand just so I could hear Jerry be like “What?” “Huh?” “Sorry I don’t understand what you’re trying to say”.

This guy must go through A LOT of ammo in a month.  I hope being a Tier 0 instructor pays for it all and more.

Instructor-Zero-LogoHow long until training schools start guest hosting Instructor Zero?  Is he famous enough?  Will he eventually get his own derp satchel / life helmet holder like Christ Costa?



Try as they will… they still can’t top Cut You Down:

Come-And-Take-ItThe thing about the Cut You Down video, was that the song was a great fit for the footage, and it’s a great song.  Maybe if this particular video was set to… oh I don’t know Beyonce – Flawless we’d have a hit on our hands. *I woke up like dis… I woke up like dis* *operators we flawless… operators we flawless* *My Glock flawless my Glock flawless* because this drum beating track though has me like “meh”.  High speed footage though… keep operating bros. Damn what about that synchronized dancing though? Watch me bring that to the gun world and subsequently swan dive into the DM conversations your girl has with her friends.



Playas gonna play, all at the Frisco, TX luxury shooting range:



“One of the differences from your typical gun range is when you walk in this building, is it feels a little more like walking into a high-end department store,” said Brandon Johnson, the club’s vice president of marketing.

Annual memberships vary from $200 to $800 based on benefits and any monthly dues. The most elite facilities, like Frisco and Centennial, also offer VIP packages with one-time initiation costs of $7,500 and $9,250, respectively, and monthly dues of $200.

“I wouldn’t say really glamour,” he said. “It’s just trying to put together a cleaner, more professional image than what has been the normal range, retail layout.”  Concrete floors and polished metal decor give Lock & Load Miami a nightclub feel.

Full Story – Yahoo

As long as deep V necks, and Von Dutch hats are outlawed, you know… for safety reasons!  ;)

I cringe every time I see or hear “Gun Culture 2.0” used.  Definitely a term made up by some old guy trying to be “hip like the youngsters”.

The Frisco Gun Club has a website you can check out to see if you can hang.

Thoughts?  Anyone ever been there?

Hat tip: Taylor the GF


Basically the most un-operator looking thing you could own… but damn are they accurate:

Vid from YouTuber Taofledermaus… a name which I always end up just copy/pasting because It’s impossible to remember the spelling of, and you guys know how anal I am with the grammar and spelling on here.  Don’t get me started haha ;)

rich-monopoly-manThat’s a niche hobby for rich guys if I’ve ever seen one.  I’m guessing these gents haul all that down to the range to just shoot a handful of rounds, then hang around all day and chill just because they are old, retired, rich.  Arguments would probably erupt here and there over cognac preferences,  tweed, cigars, vintage Bugattis, and summer homes… but all in all they would just love kicking it with each other, feeling like wealth.

If I had an extra few hundred thousand collecting dust I’d build the most badass tactical looking benchrest rifle, then mount a Tracking Point system on it and proceed to split playing cards from miles away.