Heh a whole 24 views currently:

This guy’s subscriber count and views are so low, I am astonished he keeps trying.  Actually, it’s admirable how persistent he is because at this point he must have realized no one cares so he obviously just does it for the sport.  This rant is incredibly long and repetitive, not to mention hard to listen to with the voice change filter and his ominous background music.

It’s pretty hilarious how he constantly flexes how he has zero credentials, and how the NRA instructor course is such bullshit (note: they kicked his ass to the curb pulling his credentials).  Oh and this is pure gold:

3:40 – “Credentials don’t make me… my experience does.  My body count make me” <— Oh?

Honestly just like all this other videos, this one is very much a waste of time unless you have 16 minutes to spare on an incoherent rant done for no other reason than to stroke his own ego.  You can tell these video gas him up so much.

If you missed my past posts on him, they are all pretty bizarre.

Thoughts?  Is that park he’s in empty because all the moms and kids fled once they saw a guy angrily ranting into the selfie cam?

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This is what I consider a valid gentleman’s rant:

Note that he actually states facts.

OMG what a scary shirt he has on… 4 high capacity assault clips filled to the top!  I hear those bullets can pierce tank armor and shoot down airplanes! You can pick up your own Black Rifle t-shirt over at ENDO Apparel.

If you’re not already subscribed to MrColionNoir you’re slippin.. go do it now.  He needs to start getting more of that YouTube money to pay for ammo now that he turned into a hipster and bought a Glock 33 ( .357 Sig ). :P

Thoughts?  How many rounds are too many? Think of the children.


I didn’t know being a Gentleman meant also being a retarded douchebag:

Sure some of it is meant to be funny… but they are dead serious on the rest of it.

So much ignorance.  Nothing like a tragedy to bring out these kind of people… it happens every single time.


Hat tip: Will