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Icy hahah:

Rick-James-Dave-ChappelleAt 0:15 seconds is an important moment for gun culture.  I liken it to when Charlton Heston held up the flintlock longrifle and said “from my cold dead hands”.  Basically it’s equally as historical.

2016 has been a creative year for rap videos with guns in them wow hahah.

Remind me never to go to Detroit.  It looks ROUGH.


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This is such a flex:

fireI wish this video had subs, because I’m sure the lyrics are fire.  I could call out timestamps with some narration, but you guys need to just watch and listen for yourself.  Trust me. haha

The only thing that would have made this better is if they flipped Meth’s PLO Style and did PLA Style.

Gat tip: Matthew


FIRE.  Take note USA… this is what recruitment videos need to look like:

We’ll that exceeded all my expectations.  Even the beat isn’t bad.  It’s no Young Metro, but it will do in a pinch like this.

What I would like to see is a mixtape with like a dozen tracks, Afghan rhymes over some of the hottest beats out right now.  Maybe even a collab or two with various coalition forces?

Afghan-National-Army-Rap*if Young Metro don’t trust you imma shoot you* Beautiful morning.

Thoughts?  You bumpin this track in the whip ASAP?

Gat tip: Zach


*smh* this guy:

Stitches-RapperI wonder why at the start it shows him getting makeup to conceal his ridiculous face tattoos which he goes without for the entire video?  This is interesting mostly because the song title is “I’m crazy”.  His face tattoos make him look WAYYYYYYY crazier.  Without the tattoos he looks like a large 12 year old, who’s man hobbies are smoking cigarettes and giving wedgies to the nerds.   The upside is he could at least get that coveted job at Mc Donalds, and probably even at least part of his allowance back.

2:11 – At the end he wipes the face makeup off.  Annnnnnnnnd we’re back.

That AR-15 isn’t nearly as terrible as it could be, compared to what we have seen from him before.  He even rocks flip up sights (Magpul perhaps?) co-witnessed with some sort of red dot.  I’m surprised the concept of the co-witness reached his demographic. #ReadsENDOonce?


Gat tip: Jim


LOL I love you guys, seriously. The stuff you send me on a regular basis, and the hilarious comments you always leave make my day over and over. Check this:

Blog reader David hit me up on facebook with the link to these LAV clips he put together with the Lil Wayne – Gunwalk song.

1:09 – Me = dead. ROFL.

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyDavid you’re the man… made my day.

Thoughts?  I hope David, and some of you other guys do this on a regular basis with hot rap songs.


Even the title of this video is eyeroll / yawn city:

Wow right out of the gate we’re off to a nice “controversial” start.

I’m honestly surprised YouTube is allowing them to host the video there, and that it wasn’t classified as “hateful” or something.  Maybe Stitches’ manager had to call up youtube with a definition of the word, so he’d get a pass.

I can appreciate Stitches’ love for the 2nd Amendment, but he really should mellow out a bit.

3:07 – Dat Koopa backpack tho…

3:10 – I have to give it up to Stitches for this one — The Century Arms Centurion C39 AK Pistol… milled receiver, nice 100% USA made:


He’s come a long way from that Tapco-fucked SKS he called an AK-47 in his early vids.

Centurion-C39-AK-PistolIs it possible this is all theatrics, and Stitches is an avid / responsible shooter?  Have you seen him volunteering to pick up brass and help clean up at your local range?

Thoughts?  Where is stitches going to push the boundary next?  Unless he does a song in black face while trolling law enforcement, I can’t see it getting much more controversial than what he’s already done.

Gat tip: James