This guy is my spirit animal:

U already kno.  Holy those are hard to watch / listen to.

In related rap news, the new Drake double album dropped today.  Yea I know probably no one but me cares… *shrug* haha.

Hope you guys all have a great weekend.  Make sure to pick something during my ENDO Apparel sale if you see anything you like!


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Ugh smh.  Somebody come get their girl:

I literally can't even 😒🤔😬😂. Gat tip: @nickprivy28 @sketchydr @doitallgp

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I hate that these videos aren’t longer.  I want to know more about what makes this girl tick, and how she got to where she is haha. Holy am I ever on a roll with the shitposts today.




0:32 – “Draco with a drum” at this point I think they’re definitely trolling. I joked about it initially, but “Draco” actually did become the new blanket term for ANY and EVERY gun.

The autotune in this video makes that kid sound especially “special”.

1:58 – LOLOL dialed all the way up to 900 meters, both eyes closed.

2:57 – I really want to get a Mercedes Sprinter van for traveling.  Me and my girlfriend were talking about that recently.  It would be sick to customize the inside of it to make it like a mini condo.

The rap world is getting a lot better with trigger discipline, I’ll give them that.  This song is catchy, but I really could do better.  The classic line in response to that is “YA BUT UR NOT”.  My response in return is “Don’t tempt me”.  I would have to put on an ENDO casting call for the video though, and you guys could all stand behind me and try not to look embarrassed for me.  I don’t know that many people in real life.


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OH damn hot fyaaaahhhh alert hot fyaaaaahhhhh alert:

Same rapper, another video:

hahaha oh man.  You either love these posts or you hate them, there’s no inbetween.

Note to self: Buy a Polaris Slingshot.  Those things look SICK!


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*me throwing money at screen while diddy boppin*:

radian-weapons-ar15You guys know the drill… if the video has machining it in and good music I’m sold.  Oh wow Radian Weapons even has a good looking website and logo… this basically never happens in all my years of reporting on this stuff.  Holy and to make things even more astonishing you can actually purchase stuff on their website (again… VERY rare, I’m not joking.).

1:14 – Casual rifle promo shots out in public somewhere near a hipster’s fixie.  Salem Oregon is so chill.

I’ll be the first one to yell “NEVA BIN DONE BEFO'” when I see a new company making AR-15s… however I’ll also be the first one to raise an eyebrow when they make nice looking ones (like these).

Thoughts?  You going to be bumping some of that Radian Weapons rap in the whip?  Streaming the vid on all 3 of your in vehicle’s TVs?

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Bars for days:

Respectable collection. Me, when he spit those bars about the Deagle:

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