2:12 – LOL a decoy Jerry in black face? What the hell?

3:00 – Dude has too much fun.  He’s has the agility of a pre-cowwadoody 14 year old boy.

3:18 – Where did he get the truck and all these fancy props from?  Has the Jurassic plug no doubt.  Put me in touch with Jeff Goldblum, I have an idea I want to pitch him.

Oh crazy, at the end it mentioned his daughter and her husband made the Jurassic Park Ford explorer up.

Jurassic-WorldLike I mentioned before, Jerry is owning YouTube youngsters at their own game.  I still haven’t seen Jurassic World but it’s on my list.  Tryin to get that Chris Pratt Men’s Fitness cover body for the summer time too, you feel me? I was going to post some progress shots on Instagram, but didn’t want the gun bunnies to lose their minds.  haha



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