Richard Ryan with another Breaking Bad related video:

Richard-Ryan-ENDOBesides the always stellar slow motion footage, the intros on these Breaking Bad videos has been epic.  

That would be such a burn if Walt didn’t even use that M60 in the final episode… I’m sure he will though.

Oh and in case you forgot:




Richard Ryan heads to the desert, meets Heisenberg, and shoots meth cooking equipment:

LOL that intro is amazing.  I watched it 3 times before I started making this post.

Behind the scenes:

It’s cool to see new shooters so excited.

Breaking Bad is such a badass show.  Finale next Sunday!  Get caught up if you’re not already down.

Richard-Ryan-ENDORichard, you should shoot sheets of blue safety glass for a Breaking Bad video sometime!  Might be hard to clean up though I guess.

Richard is in the ENDO Apparel California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt.

hahah he’s no doubt on a watch list.  Auto weapons, .50 BMGs, plastic explosives, meth cooking equipment LOL… yea that will do it.



Richard Ryan gets it done, making fanboys cry in the process:

I’m actually surprised it held up so well to some of those torture tests he did at the start.


2:42 – First shot facing him was really nice and clean.  I guess everything is so tightly packed in those phones now that it’s basically like shooting a solid block.

2:57 – Holy, that shot of it on edge absolutely annihilated it.



Back on his “shooting expensive stuff to piss you off” bit we all love so much:

I know there are levels to this shit, but I can’t wait until Richard Ryan is pulling in numbers like the former FPS Russia and he starts shooting lavish things like luxury vehicles and expensive timepieces.

Richard-Ryan-RatedRR-M2-BrowningRichard took the above video on Google Glass… I wish there was a video of him taking the video on google glass because I bet it looked hilarious.  Hopefully he will have that in the final video, or the behind the scenes that comes out on Sunday.  Like I mentioned in the title, this was just a preview video to wet our whistle.  Consider my whistle somewhere between damp and moist… I could have used more. LOL



Richard Ryan brings the pain:

haha after he shot the screen I was like “Huh, Pass? .. must be a mistake”… Nope, still worked because all the guts are in the base, not the screen.

Whoa, nice looking fireballs coming out of that Mossberg 464 SPX in slow motion!  I’m not a fan of the look of that rifle, but I bet Mossberg sells boat loads of them.  So much empty rail space Richard… NEEDS MOARRRRRR ACCESSORIES!  :P

The informative behind the scenes footage / discussion:

Holy people get mad in the comments on the Tech Feed videos LOL.  I’m guess it’s because those guys are generally gamers and techies and not necessarily into guns.  Still though, a lot of butthurt…

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-Pistol-WhipRichard Is wearing the Pistol Whip t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.



Mattv2099 parodies Richard Ryan:

Nothing beats one-upmanship trolling haha.  There’s a new slow-motion operator in town, and his name is Mattv2099.  Look out Richard, he’s coming for your spot and he’s hungry.. so hungry he took a bite from that reconstructed Big Mac.

The Saiga-12 was invented in 1873 in Serbia.  The Saiga-12 is a gas operated blow back piston revolver machine gun capable of firing 1800 12 gauge bullets per minute.  600 round assault clips are available for $25.95

LOL I absolutely lost it when he said that. 


Good to see Matt branching out with his weapons… the Saiga-12 was a logical choice for trolling.

I’ll say my standard “People still eat McDonalds?” line that pisses some of you guys off. haha I still think I’ll make my first billion dollars by short-selling McDonalds stock when the time is right… stay tuned.

Matt is wearing a few different ENDO Apparel t-shirts in the video.  Always nice to see.