Richard Ryan capitalizes on the fact that apparently Microsoft hasn’t given up yet:

I was actually really surprised how well he was able to keep two at once on target!  He didn’t even have them at eye level either.

I can’t wait for the day big companies like Adobe, Autodesk, Dassault etc… start making their software for Google ChromeOS so we can be done with these bloated clunking operating systems once and for all.

I’ll have to say I do like my iMacs (I’ve got two 27″ ones if you haven’t seen), but I still like ChromeOS better than OSX…. obviously not everything I need runs on ChromeOS though.

The always informative behind the scenes:

Richard-Ryan-RatedRR-M2-BrowningRichard is wearing the California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt from ENDO Apparel in the above video.  Stock is running pretty low on those, but you can add yourself to the waiting list and I’ll have them back in a couple weeks.

Holy, the M2 Browning footage at the end is sick!  We need to see a full video of that.



Richard Ryan turns what could have been a drinking party, to a shooting party:

PLAGH Smirnoff ice!  My girlfriend put me on to mixing it with beer, and that’s cool, but by itself it’s like sugary poison.

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-T-ShirtCoors light.  Meh… I’ll drink it in a pinch as long as it’s ice cold.

I liked the way the champagne and wine exploded when shot lengthwise.  That was cool.

Richard is wearing the Deagle Brand Deagle t-shirt from ENDO Apparel you should pick up if you don’t already own it.

The always interesting behind the scenes Richard puts together:

Subtle troll with the whole cartridge flying at the bottles in the video still? Well played Richard… Well Played…

The omnipresent California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt in that video of course!



Richard Ryan teams up with Freddiew to get it done:

The always interesting behind the scenes video:

A few of the t-shirt designs over at ENDO Apparel are relevant to this video… check them out if you’re interested!  Richard is wearing the Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirt in the behind the scenes video of course.



22Plinkster is a beast.

Richard Ryan is awesome too, but in a different way.  Since YouTube allows hour plus long videos now I really should film myself doing some trick shots, but not make ANY edits.  I’d have to hide 2 seconds worth of frames somewhere in the video with a significantly large ENDO Apparel gift code just so if someone actually wasted so much time to watch me miss 3000x, it would be worth their while.

A behind the scenes interview:

Richard-Ryan-Keep-Calm-ENDO1:10 – So modest… they definitely both make millions of dollars :P  I like Richard’s behind the scenes vids a lot.

I bet 22Plinkster is surgical with the .308 and the Remington 870 of his too. I say he should start 308plinkster and 12GAplinkster channels ASAP.



Richard Ryan and Carnik Con get it done:

Richard and Dugan have a chat.  Hilarious, a must watch:

LOL @ the Barrett .50 being good for women and children to shoot small game and sporting clays.

Richard-Ryan-Carnik-Con-Safari3:05 – hahahahaha funneling skittles and screws into the MAC-10.

This isn’t the first time Richard Ryan teamed up with Carnik Con… and I’m hoping not the last.



Richard Ryan doing the world a favor:

I still remember how much easier life was once my family ditched our last inkjet and got a black and white laser printer.  My dad was the one paying for ink, but I just remember there always being so many issues with the color cartridge running out, smearing, malfunctioning… you name it, and my sister and I would get stressed out because we wanted to print things for school and what not.  We even tried to get the cartridges refilled for a while and boy was that a scam.

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-AWBI like black and white laser printers, because in my experience they just “work”.  That’s all I ask from electronics… just for them to do what they are intended to do.

Richard is wearing the Assault Weapons Ban t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.