raven concealment

I kind of like it:

What you’re looking at is the Raven Concealment Eidolon clear limited edition IWB holster. LOL at “raven-concealment-systems1.mybigcommerce.com” as the start of the URL; noooooo *smh* guys… come on if you’re selling $149 holsters, you can do better than that.

I didn’t bother reading the 52 pages worth of text on that link, but is there any particular reason this is limited edition?  Just to get some sales quickly because of the exclusivity?  I can’t even find the regular black Eidolon holster on their website, but poking around the internet it looks like it sells for about $100 less.


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MrColionNoir heads out to the whip to take a look:

MIC – Apparently not only a racial slur targeted at Irish people. :P  Or maybe this holster was originally intended for the Irish… I don’t know.

I like the idea of that type of holster for easy access in a vehicle.  If you’re on the fence about it, for $19 it’s definitely worth a look.

There are other more “boutique” options such as the Raven Concealment Vanguard 2 which I have also looked at.  It’s more expensive at $35 though.

I’m waiting for a video where MrColionNoir revisits car holsters when he gets his BMW M6.

Notice the quick flash of the ENDO Selector Switch hat during the handgun cover part of the video?  If you want one, they are almost out of stock.

Thoughts?  How do you keep a handgun at arms reach easily accessible in your vehicle?


Take a lesson from this guy if you plan on reviewing a holster:

Tactical jump rope to urban prone is now considered necessary. I like the idea of BMX’ing with a gun… so much for crowded ramps with mouthy teens.

The holster is a Raven Concealment brand “Phantom”.  I frankly don’t see all the fuss about those.  They are obviously good holsters, but if it wasn’t for magpul’s use of them in their video series I don’t think they would be as popular.  They don’t seem to offer anything that really differentiates them from the pack.