Daisy-Dukes-Back-Pocket-HolsterTactical workspace t-rex, then some good advice at 0:43.  Wow he actually said to “look at your holster”… that’s something I wouldn’t expect from the high speed low drag Funker Tactical Instructor Zero marketing engine.

Thoughts?  Would add a finger spin and catch phrase before the look re-holster?

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Wait, what?! I guess I didn’t get the memo. Watch this vid:

Yea you see those operators “training” to jam the handgun back into the holster robotically while keeping their eyes on the threat.  This raises a number of questions in my mind… primarily, if there is still a “threat” why are you putting your gun away?  Doing it quickly, and blindly, only makes this video and training all that much more ridiculous in my mind.  Why not spin it on your finger, and toss it up in the air too while you’re at it?  You’d have to of course practice that thousands of times though, then it would be perfectly safe according to them.  What’s the hurry to get the gun out of sight?  It’s not like they are all wearing tactical speedos either, so the chance of a piece of fabric ending up in the trigger guard sooner or later is pretty good.

Someone please save the video and upload it to youtube before it disappears?  The derp needs to be saved for posterity… think of the children.

HammerFour-Blind-Re-HolsterThe icing on the cake are the comments on facebook, where the training company HammerFour fully defends that this practice is perfectly safe and necessary.  Frankly I don’t need any more holes in my body to take care of, and a permanent pimp limp just doesn’t fit my character.


Hat tip: Caleb