Interesting history behind the “America’s army” game. I can see how it would be viewed as problematic when kids in their early teens are getting influenced.

8:30 – That mobile gaming truck is nice!

10:39 – “You can’t join the Army just to play video games. All the soldiers here have had other positions in the military. The esports team is only a temporary assignment.”

15:16 – LOL dudes in the Twitch stream asking about war crimes. Yikes.

VICE recently did another, different report on video games in the military  – used for combat training.

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Wow this is really well done.  Flex India flex:

Hmmm India operates!  Who knew?  (Naturally, most of you guys probably did know)

Great footage, fitting music… this has it all.  I don’t have much experience with Indian cinematography outside of watching ridiculous Bollywood stunting (good scene btw).

4:50 – Good to see they “knife hand” in India.

Interesting array of rifles… bullpups even!

10:20 – India has brass bandits!!! :P  That casing barely hit the ground and he was already directing it toward his stash.

11:09 – That’s a sloppy pushup tho.

Indian-Army-RecruitmentDefinitely all types of terrain in India.  Looks like a cool place if it wasn’t for the crazy amount of poverty.  I hear President Hillary Clinton has plans to make it the 51st state and fix all that though.  Facts only.

I want to door kick, have beers, and break (bend) naan with these guys.  Thoughts?

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This is badass / true:

Muppet-Show-Swedish-Chef-GunsThey can offer reality, education, making a difference, AND they forgot to add M90 camouflage.  One of my favorite patterns.

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A fan made US Naval Special Warfare DEVGRU Recruitment Video:

*eye roll* @ the suppressed fire sounds.  I think it would have been more effective to just not have any firing sounds than those dumb movie-type ones.

Besides that there was obviously some cool footage because those guys do cool stuff.  Who is this recruiting you ask?  COD nerds everywhere now brushing the Cheeto dust off their shirts, telling their moms to get their tactical load out from the rubbermaid containers in the garage, and starting to do some physical training.

Tactical-Operator-Military-VanEvery time I see night vision I am always reminded how bulky it is.. that does NOT look like fun to wear.  Beats dying though obviously.


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Brief Synopsis:

  • Katy Perry catches her boyfriend kissing some skank at his work, dumps him and makes a spur of the moment decision at a gas station to join the Marine Corps.
  • Hacks her hair off for some reason (not required for a female Marine, but more dramatic I suppose)
  • Wraps her boobs in tensor bandage (huh? Did she sprain one of them? Yea who knows… there goes 72.9% of the male viewers)
  • Dons Zinc colored American Apparel hoodie (Excellent choice… one of my favorites)
  • Trades in her clothes for a uniform
  • Gets reamed out by a drill instructor, likely for making herself look butch
  • Does some USMC training stuff all while maintaining fantastic trigger discipline

Meh.. i’ll take it.  That would really suck if you had to pull the charging handle back after every shot like she appears to be doing at 2:06

The multiple flashes of her “Ice” watch felt a lot like product placement.  Probably because it was. Pretty lame looking Rolex Submariner copy.

Terminal Lance kills it on a related comic:




There isn’t too much Will Ferrell comedy I’ve seen that I didn’t like. In fact, not too long ago I re-watched a few episodes of “Eastbound & Down” (killer show btw.. you can buy Season 1 on Amazon if you want), and was laughing at his role as “Ashley Shaffer” the white haired owner of a BMW dealership.  Danny McBride who plays the main character “Kenny Powers” is priceless.