red bull

Shooting, throwing knives, golf, helicopter rides, jet boat, off-roading, archery, bungee jumping:

I wonder if that’s someones house?  Or a business of some sort… either way it looks awesome!  If it wasn’t for the fact I’m not much of a daredevil, don’t like the thought of breaking bones, and am not especially talented on a skateboard, snowboard, dirt bike etc.. Red Bull would be an awesome company to work for.

If you missed the first time they took a couple of their guys shooting make sure to check it out here.

Hat tip: Ad.Hart


Red Bull sure knows how to show their guys a good time:

Safety Nazi mode on:  Camera men at 4:00-4:13 are ahead of the line of fire… and it’s the kids first time shooting auto.

Those flame throwers were pretty sweet.  I like the idea of using AR-15 parts…. good aesthetic appeal.

Note to self: Acquire a flamethrower.


Hat tip: Ad H.