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Holy this is so dumb its genius:

*sigh* I get what it’s trying to accomplish, but come on… a suction cup with an LED and a ugly cord?  Oh no baby what is you doin?

I looked it up on Amazon, and to my surprise the cool teens (or gaming teens anyways) must love it.  It has a solid 4 star rating and 955 customer reviews.  Astonishing.

I never touch my screens… ever, so putting a suction cup on one of them would make me lose my mind.  I remember when my girlfriend moved in with me she pointed at something on my computer screen and touched it, and I gasped.  She thought it was funny, and I pretended like I didn’t actually care.  I don’t remember the exact timeline of when I cleaned the fingerprint off the screen, but I’m guessing it was pretty close to after it happened.  I definitely would have been lowkey about it though and pretended I needed to go clean my glasses with the microfiber cloth, then casually ran it across the fingerprint on the screen when she was off doing something else.  Oh well it’s all good, she figured out pretty quickly that I’m a weirdo so I don’t even have to hide it anymore.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Kiesler Police Supply had the pics.  I highly doubt this is a “LEAK” as people are calling it.  Allegedly, this will initially come on models: G40, G41, G34, and G35.

*yawn*… wake me up when Glock puts out their perfection polymer rifle at SHOT to trump all rifles.  I do think the slide cutout for the red dot is cool and all, but I could have got that done already at any number of aftermarket companies for years now.  Hopefully the price point on these cutout Glocks will fall below what it would cost you to get a 3rd part to do it.  It actually should be cheaper if you think about it, because they are using a bit less steel and don’t have to include a rear sight (if you’re ordering it without the red dot).  Trijicon sure makes some nice looking stuff.  I really hope they hid bible verses on the bottom of these red dots (or even inside them) just to troll people.

Glock-Diamond-Bedazzled-Pendant-JewelryNow that I think about it… this may help get my targets on round after I do consecutive forward rolls.  Whatever helps!  That’s why I always rock notch hats and derp satchels.

P.S. Guys { *no tactical girls :( *single… no wait, this just in… multiple tears* } keep asking me if I’m going to SHOT.  I do not plan on going this year.  I know I need to check it out sometime… sounds crazy busy though.  Wading through huge crowds has never been my thing.  Wait does SHOT have FASTPASSES like at Disney?  That would rule.



This guy can’t miss:



Pics from ARFCOM user Monkey_Wrench.

Hat tip: Scott


With an Aimpoint red dot:

haha the best part of this is the way Larry was hovering his sunglasses off his nose at the beginning, and secondly his adlibs.  YEEEEEAAAHHHHH”, “DAMN SKIPPY”, “THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN BOUT”,  “YEAAAAAAAH.  GOIN’ TO SIX DAWG”.


I really thought he would shit a brick when he hit at 600 yards, but he didn’t.

Christian-Bale-Pointing-Meme5:24 – “Obviously the LAV can still get it done”. haha this guy.

Thoughts?  Do you run just a red dot, a red dot with flip out magnification, or a low power scope on your battle rifle?


Strike Industries says this Jelly Fish is “almost a necessity”:



Considering Trijicon makes some of the toughest weapon sights in the world which even our military uses, I find it hard to wrap my head around an extraneous cover being “almost a necessity”.   You can see the dot through it if you choose to shoot with the cover on, and it also has a lanyard hole for quick detachment, and finger grip if you want to rip it off quickly.

Lets not get it twisted though, this cover is basically just to protect the lens of the sight if your operating in really inclement operational environments where you might otherwise need to wipe the sight off before use.  According to the FAQ link on the Trijicon RMR page, the sight is completely waterproof to 66ft (20 m), so that basically throws concern out the window for anything except if you’re worried about getting scratches on this $440-$600 sight.  Do real operators worry about scratches?  No, they wear those as a badge of honor on their operating equipment.  If you’re worried about scratches effecting the resale value of a sight you’re probably not operator enough to even own, then you probably should pick one up for $12.95 on the Strike Industries website.  Look yourself in the mirror when you put it on though, and admit defeat.  

Next up, a custom molded shoot through jelly full Glock cover?  A jelly Deagle brand Deagle cover?  I hope so.



  • The range depends on a persons arm length.
  • The red dot sight is for close target aquisiton for stabbing
  • The scope with magnification is for acquiring distant targets you plan on throwing the knife at

Maybe it’s just me.. but I feel that the way the optics are mounted would totally mess up blade harmonics.

This setup is just crying for a free floated vertical foregrip.