Just Vizzy Viz being a redneck:

VizualCandi-RickyThat guy’s characters are top notch.  He gives them all some more screen time at the end if you watch through. I feel that with a bit better writing, he could rival Carnik Con (rival… I didn’t say beat ;) ).  Raddondo is priceless.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Jeff Foxworthy endorsed rifle scope iPhone bolt on accessory, the iScope:

I’m just looking forward to the forthcoming youtube vids where guys forget how much recoil some higher caliber rifles have if your not holding them properly, and end up getting an iFace or an iBlackEye.  Put this thing on a .700 Nitro Express, concentrate really hard on the screen from 4″ away and see whats up LOL.

This is still one of the funniest shooting related videos I’ve ever seen.  Those guys need to do a 2013 version with iScopes.

The iScope goes for $100 if you’re interested.


Are you really that attached to your phone that you even have to use it hunting?  Sweet LAWD just turn it off and enjoy the outdoors.

I don’t even know what’s worse… this or the Inteliderp iPhone Rifle Scope Adapter.



The plastic welding mask is for protection:

You know those welding masks are meant for such a thing, that’s why all the operators use them.

Interesting results, but these guys are making their videos way too long for me now.

10:00 – Freezing the Hi-Point.  haha for a cheap gun that thing impresses me over and over.



Classy stuff:

I want the truck with the virtual range.  

I bet they have to be careful where they park those things.  They wouldn’t want to be staying at some Days Inn in the hood, only to come outside in the morning to find all the guns missing, and the trucks up on blocks.

If I ever see them, i’m going to troll hardcore and repeadly ask them if I can see the revolver shotgun that they make.


Hat tip: Arthur



Hilarious! I don’t think they could have shoehorned another stereotype in there if they tried.

TriggerTheVote.Org is the site the NRA is promoting.


Doonesbury decides to revisit the Starbucks open carry topic in another useless strip:

Doonesbury – Source

Yahoos… Morons… loudmouth gun owners?  The tone hasn’t really changed…  Holy his comics are boring.

I am not familiar with the characters in Doonesbury, so I looked “Leo” up.  According to Wikipedia’s list of characters:

Toggle (real name Leo DeLuca) – a veteran of the Iraq war. Toggle, a young heavy metal fan, was wounded in an ambush while serving as Ray Hightower’s driver, and has returned home with aphasia and a loss of sight in one eye. B.D., his former commanding officer, often checks in to see how he is doing. While recovering from his injuries, Toggle met Alex Doonesbury over the Internet and has become her boyfriend. He has considered attending Walden under the new GI Bill, but came away from Zipper’s tour unimpressed.

Seeing as Leo fought in the Iraq war, I believe he would have used the M240 not the M60 which Trudeau mentions in the comic strip.

Trudeau sure knows how to beat a stereotype to death.

If you missed all the previous anti-gun Starbucks comics he did in March, you can find them HERE