Looks like 6 days worth of Anti gun Starbucks comics was the magic number for him.

We can all go back to ignoring that poor excuse for a comic again.

The whole 6 day set:

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Apparently there is a “Ask Garry Trudeau” section on the Doonesbury site.  Someone asked the following question:

It is clear from this week’s series that GBT is a knee-jerk liberal gun-hater. Why?
— R.S., Davenport, IA

And got this lame answer from one of Garry’s aides:

GBT does not hate guns. He grew up in a family of hunters and sport shooters — his grandfather had over 20 shotguns and rifles — and joined the NRA as a kid. He got a .22 when he was seven, a shotgun at 12, and his first deer rifle at 16. The NRA’s main message at that time was gun safety, and he was completely on board. He got their magazine, and competed in NRA marksmanship events, winning several medals. When GBT moved to the city he took one of his guns with him, and within a few months it was stolen out of his house. He parted ways with the NRA when it ceased to be a sporting association and turned into an insane political lobby. (Source)

What I would like to tell his aide:

Way to skirt around the question.  The very first sentence is “GBT does not hate guns”

You continue on with something like… His grandfather used to have guns, then he got some *blah* *blah* *blah* NRA *blah* *blah* *blah* NRA *blah* NRA *blah* NRA is insane.

Huh?  You didn’t even answer the question.  All you did was talk about the NRA too much, then get your dig in that it is an “insane” political lobby.

I guess his aides drink the same kool-aid as he does.  Likely hemp or patchouli flavored :P


And it continues…

Arguably the most insulting one yet.

Apparently we are morons and yahoos, prone to violence, who carry guns only for intimidation, and their phallic (WTF?!) resemblance.

Doonesbury Source – HERE

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Wow, 5 days.  Talk about beating a dead horse:

The negativity isn’t as strong in this one.  I have a feeling there is more to come though.

Doonesbury Source – HERE

The previous comics:

Day 1 & 2 – HERE
Day 3 – HERE
Day 4 – HERE


I am beginning to think Garry Trudeau is dedicating this entire week to anti gun themed Starbucks comics:

Doonesbury Source – HERE

Unsurprisingly, this one is no less offensive and stereotypical than the previous 3.

Day 1 & 2 – HERE
Day 3 – HERE


Garry Trudeau has now dedicated 3 days worth of comics to the stale Starbucks open carry topic:

Here is today’s:

Doonesbury Source – HERE

Out of the 7 sentences the characters say in this comic, 5 of them on there own are a mix of being either insulting to gun owners, or flat out anti-gun.   Nice… :roll:

My previous post on the last two comics – HERE

How much longer will this go on?