If nothing else, you’ll at least look cool running one of these:

A demo of a lot of insertions and removals:

Seems to work as intended!  My concern though is that dump pouches are awesome because they keep your empty mags separate from your full ones… eliminating the chance of you grabbing an empty magazine under stress.  This system requires that you remember that you have full ones mixed with empty ones, and where you put them.  I’m not saying operators won’t or shouldn’t operate with them… but I am saying it might be risky if you carry a rifle/magazines around to protect your life.


For $30 from Regulation Tactical (Note: If your ass is a busta 213 will regulate), they might be worth a try, even if just for the novelty.  My guess is the entire Airsoft market is having a seizure they want these things so bad.


Hat tip: Kenneth


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