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Reid has some strong words:

Gun-Control-ChicagoYea, he touches on some good points in the video but so what?  Sometimes I think I’m the only one woke enough to realize that any and all of these gun control measures can become a reality, no matter how many of us regular people are opposed to it and “vote” or make up stupid petitions against them?  All the YouTube outrage, and strongly worded letters in the world aren’t going to make any difference.  All we can hope for is that there are bigger fish to fry, like there have been so far (for the most part) since 2009 when Obama first took office.  I think with gun control anyway it’s going to be important and interesting what happens AFTER measures get implemented which an incredibly large number of people decide they don’t want to follow.  Then what?  Do hundreds of thousands of people, millions of people etc. get thrown into some sort of jail/camp?  Would there be enough law enforcement on board with that cause to even carry out such a thing?  This all sounds very frightening WWII style Nazi Germany right?  So many intrusive measures (gun control, privacy, etc..) have been implemented already which a lot of people don’t like, and nothing crazy happened (that I remember) so I’m sure as long as it’s done bit by bit it will all sneak under the radar.  People smarter than me, and with more money and power than me obviously figure the social engineering aspect of all this out.  Who knows guys… I normally just write about funny shit as you know but I figured since this video was so impassioned I would put it up and give my quick thoughts on it.

What do you think?

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I agree with what is said in the video.  I think all kids should be taught how to use guns safely and properly, and have a healthy respect for them instilled from a very young age.  They are just far too dangerous to just have laying around and not educating your kids, but instead just telling them “Don’t touch it”;  Kids are naturally curious.

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