VICE looks into it… it’s wild:

Ok I’m like 10 seconds in and I’m already like ūü§Ēūü§Ēūü§Ē.¬† Where do I get a bullet crown to wear around the crib to annoy my girlfriend with?¬† I need a real kingly .50 BMG one ūüėā.

1:17 – 1911 + Karambit.¬† A classic combo for those with EXTREMELY fine taste ūüć∑.¬† haha they keep showing this setup over and over during the next few minutes.

2:47 – What’s the point of being armed at church, if all your guns are ziptied inoperable?¬† That’s called faking the funk.

4:40 – This lady speaks the truth.

6:07 – Man man’s got ducks in a pond, and a crib that’s on a hill which can see three states.¬† That’s a holy flex¬†‚õ™ÔłŹūüí™.

6:37 – Crown / AR-15 silhouette custom camo hahha

9:27 – I hope we get to see him shoot a 20mm (to match that round on his desk) later.

12:58 – The VICE girl is looking like “This dude with the combover can’t be serious with this terrible Happy Birthday flip?”

13:13 – They keep showing that delicious looking fruit, and it’s making me want a fruit salad.

23:16 – LOL his brother is the owner of KHAR ARMS.

28:07 – Ah there it is… wolf and predator talk.¬† I knew this guy was a sheepdog ūüėā.

If this guy doesn’t say “If you come at the king, you best not miss” like Omar from the wire, then he’s not only doing himself an injustice but also his congregation.

Thoughts?¬† What do you think, does Gun King read ENDO?¬† He’s definitely putting his Harvard education to work.

Gat tip: Spencer

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Mixing guns and religion.  Can you be pro-gun and pro-life?

What price conscience? THE ARMOR OF LIGHT follows an Evangelical minister and the mother of a teenage shooting victim who ask, is it possible to be both pro-gun and pro-life?

Sniper-Jesus-50-Caliber-Barrett-RifleHmmm interesting. ¬†I’d probably roll my eyes like 500 times during this, but I’d still watch it. ¬†Hopefully it changes some peoples views and opinions on guns at Tribeca 2015.

Thoughts? Is light as good as AR500 at stopping bullets?


What Would Buck Yeager Do indeed…

Buck Yeager talks to the good reverend. ¬†I’ve got to wonder what a religious man like that thinks about Buck Yeager’s threat to murder anyone who called him a coward? ¬†I seem to recall a¬†commandment¬†“Thou shalt not kill”… which I’m assuming most people would say relates specifically to unjustifiable homicide. ¬†Maybe the reverend didn’t see the Yeager threat vid?


5:02 – “God’s law¬†supersedes¬†man’s law” – Excuse me while I scour the bible for talk about suppressors, short¬†barreled¬†rifles, and destructive devices.



FXHummel1 flips it on the anti-gun people, bible style:

I didn’t get a lot of the references, but the song was awesome.

God responded not by setting up a rock registry or by instating a background check for sharp pointy things.

ENDO Run Guns T-Shirthahah pure gold.

FXhummel1 is wearing the ENDO Run Guns t-shirt.



Oh just a standard bible… or is it! *dramatic music*

Click on the image to load the animated gif.

I’ve hollowed out a few books in my day… didn’t put guns in any of them though. ¬†The hiding guns in books option and how-to was discussed¬†already, in addition to other places to hide guns in the house.

Thou shalt not kill though right? ¬†Hmmm what’s self¬†defense¬†considered? ¬†I haven’t been to church in a while.



Brotha Ruff Brings it… the action starts at 3:06:

And when I say action I mean, corny church shootout between good and evil using automatic 1911 handguns. ¬† The special effects are so bad it’s hard to watch. ¬†I especially like how “Evil” has on a slick rick style eye patch and¬†wave cap.¬† You all thought since I’m white I wouldn’t know that huh? ¬†I know Evil’s got his 360 waves spinnin’.

Despite the production of the video, the rapper Brotha Ruff is actually really good. ¬†His flow reminds me of Xzibit. ¬†“Yo Dawg, I heard you like”…¬†never mind¬†I can’t think of a good one.

OH LAWD Will the well of internet gun humor ever run dry? ¬†Thankfully it doesn’t look like it.


Hat tip: Daniel