“Train like you fight” was a general rule long before I started blogging:

🤔 *shrug* so there you have it.  Nothing surprises me anymore.



Fumbled, but recovered with style and grace:

Cut the check Disney. ✨💰 📹@themichetti

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Or as I like to call him “tIII%nkerbell”.  The guy actually sent me that video, wanting me to post.  I love when people send me stuff to roast, especially when it’s so easy.  As expected, people lost their minds in the comments regarding the muzzle discipline.  Good times good times.

I guess people are getting more and more used to ENDO, because I don’t get nearly as many of the mouth breather “THIS IS BAD FOR THE COMMUNITY AND GUN OWNERS AS A WHOLE” derp comments.



hahah this is awesome:

Same guy (Captain Gimli) as the awesome “Train like you fight” video I posted a few days ago.

Good stuff… good stuff.  Thoughts?


Jeff Bloovman explains:

From-My-Cold-Dead-Paws-Cover-Cats-Guns0:19 – WHAT? A 1911 stopped working in a class?  Since when does that ever happen? *sarcasm*

0:35 – I’m assuming he’s talking about the no look (while looking) derp scan everyone does.


Demolition Ranch‘s sister tosses a shell directly into his chamber:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Selector-SwitchPretty cool trick.  Wow two in a row even! He’s good at that.  They seem really close for brother and sister.



Demolition Ranch with another impressive reload:

Joe-Biden-Finger-PointFancy stuff.  What a showoff.

Just when I think he’s out of ideas regarding stuff like that.