I’m embarrassed for you guys.  Seems like I’m the only one who was doing this before it was cool.  I present to you the gross motor skills reload:

LOL FML right?  TIER -23 Michael Jordan level chief of operations.  So disruptively dynamic.

I initially assumed it was for sure Airsoft, but he has another video showing the disassembly of the SCAR and it appears to be the real deal.

Gross-Motor-Skills-Rifle-Magazine-ReloadAsian guys are consistently so next level.  They had the illest karate moves and mock handgun disarms in middle school too, I couldn’t even compete.  You can that stereotyping if you want, but it’s just my first hand experience; I was constantly in awe.  Check this, my dawg Roger could even hit an apple with a thrown playing card from across the classroom.  I remember playing Ping Pong in the game room one day and he started tripping throwing cards really quick, and a bunch of them stuck into the drywall and others took chips out.  We were like “OH SHIT, Mr. Scott is going to lose his shit!”, so we quietly dipped just in time while the lunch lady was walking down the hall.  I remember moving a poster of constellations or something later that day over top of the damage.  I’m pretty sure the janitor could have used something to do.  Looking back I’m almost positive one of them just roasted blunts all day in his van until his radio lit up from a kindergarten teacher saying someone puked on the floor again.


Gat tip: No uno, TacticalNerd, Addicted2thegear

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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0:27 – Oh shit that 9mm to .22 LR mid air conversion kit. v rare.


I get it.. his son’s name is Cameron so why not name the product the c4m3ron (leet hax0r speak) right?  *faceplam* No No NO… that name is stupid and Cameron should have been like *sweeps early career Justin Bieber hair aside* “Dad, I appreciate the thought…. but truthfully the name is lame AF especially with those numbers.  How are people even going to know it’s a gun related product?”.  Now if the kid’s name was Jesus that would be a different story.   THEJ3SUS looks a lot cooler, plus could be marketed with Big Lebowski references for daysssssss.

3:51 – Ya I might be more of a safety nazi than most, but is reloading really a hobby where you should have hot BBQ’s, dudes drinking and shooting the shit in the mix? Nothing like keeping gunpowder in the vicinity of fire on purpose haha.  I’m asking a serious question.  The guys I know who do it, do it in a quiet distraction-free room for a reason… because they don’t want to mess up and blow their gun up (best case scenario).

Here is an overview of the product:

0:34 – 40mm! haha I wish

The-c4m3ron-Reloading-BenchI didn’t actually check out THEC4M3RON website until after watching all these video, and I was very surprised to see the bench is only $150.  Yea it’s not a very complicated item, but still that seems like a damn good price.  You just can’t get that kind of stability from drilling holes into a shitty old Walmart or IKEA desk you had laying around.  If I reloaded I’d pick one up.



Ooooooooo Yea:

His sister who everyone loves makes an appearance at around 1:00 again.

2:30 – Wow I wonder how many takes that Mosin Nagant toss took to execute?!  Looks awesome.

2:53 – HUH?! Is this real life?! That’s awesome.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-HatHe shoots some of that stuff so close (toilet, TV etc..), I’m surprised he hasn’t had anything bounce back and him and leave a mark.

After reading some of the comments on his videos, it appears he’s the new FPSRussia… by that I mean there definitely some tweens saying really stupid shit and insulting each other.



The Ammo Channel takes a look:

Makes me wonder if the Hague convention specifies the FMJ’s have to be loaded forwards?  hahah

3:26 – HOLY… would NOT want to be hit with that.  It goes without saying that getting hit with regular .308 wouldn’t be on my “to do” list either.

Loading-Bullets-Backwards-AmmoNot until the end of the video do we see that the cases split and the primers appear to have enlarged.  Yea probably not ideal.

Just wait until the media gets a hold of “Backward assault bullets with 248% more killing power”.

Thoughts? Anyone ever do this with the same or different results?


Proof of concept:

So scientific, I love the use of clamps and a vice.  As I was watching the video it got me thinking if anyone ever tried liquid propellants… some interesting talk about that on various websites.

From the TSA website:

NOT ALLOWED: Strike-anywhere Matches – One book of safety (non-strike anywhere) matches are permitted as carry-on items, but all matches are prohibited in checked baggage.

Christian-Bale-Pointing-MemeBan in 3….2…..1 hahah.  Also cue someone telling me “people like you and the guy who made the video are our own worst enemies” *eye roll*



FXhummel1 leaves his brass on the ground for the peasants:

I’ll admit I am quite anal about picking up my brass (anything above .22LR that is).  I don’t reload either, but a couple of my friends do; I usually give it to them but sometime I just get them to tumble it for me and I keep it sorted in a big container.

ENDO AR-15 Black Rifle T-ShirtThis song is high energy… I like it.

FX is wearing the ENDO AR-15 Black Rifle t-shirt… one of my personal favorites.

Do you pick up your brass?