NOT a clip for clips:

Now if only they made a bigger magazine where I could hold multiple magazine holders full of 33 rounders.

Garrett Industries is the company that makes them.   For $115 id probably attempt to bend my own kydex though… followed by $200 in parts and another $200 in labor, and then i’d wind up saying “Pffft it’s a stupid idea anyway”.

<— Standard “Yo dawg I heard you like magazines… So we put your magazines in a magazine so you can unload while you reload”


Cause was a binary pistol/rifle powder charge on a reload. There was no barrel obstruction:

I’ll probably reload someday because I have quite a bit of brass. Stuff like this scares me though.

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Funny how he can just dust that ACOG off and put it on a new rifle. No surprise there though, you get what you pay for.

The shooter is apparently OK.


So crazy that it just might work. :P  The maneuverability of it slightly concerns me though.