This man in Alaska figured it all out on his Remington .308 (and is selling it):


Notice the 3 sets of rings? LOL Priceless.  Here’s a closer pic:


For only $4000 you can get this rifle which will NEVER lose zero.

The extended details:

Remington 700 SPS .308
Location Fairbanks, Alaska
Price $4,000

Rem 700 308 Build 20 ” SPS 1in 10.
Over 5,000 $ to build
McMillian a3-5 glass bedded armor black
Timney 1.5 trigger
Bottom metal for AI mag, 10 round
All metal including scope sniper grey ceracote
Nightforce nxs 8-32/56, vortex scope level, badger ordinance 30 moa rail permanent one piece to action bolted, pinned and tig welded, well over 1000 yard dial up
Tripple nightforce rings
Surgeon bolt knob
Ctk precision mono pod, harris bippd
Precision armament muzzle brake
1/2 moa with four different shelf loads fusion, gold metal
Front stud for forward mount bipod
Price doesn’t reflect rifle itself, very smooth shooting platform


Gat tip: Maison

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SHOTS FIRED Hillary.  Are we going to be calling her President Clinton in 2016?  I don’t keep up with this shit, because it seems like we the people lose no matter what.


After much anticipation, a teaser for the 2nd episode… Tactical Firearms:

I blogged about the first episode a while back.  Someone explain to me why this show exists?  I thought Remington would be smarter than to jump the bandwagon of a girl who got famous for shooting exotic animals in the face and flaunting it on Facebook.  And I know you guys are going to point out that her and her friend don’t even have booty shorts on in this episode.  Exactly. That’s probably what over half of episode #1’s views were due to.

Kendall-Jones-RemingtonI can’t wait to see the actual episode once it’s released haha.



As one would expect, it’s painful:

The premiere episode of “Game On” features Kendall Jones and her best friend Taylor Altom as they slip away from college for a weekend to go gator hunting in Lake Charles, LA with Louisiana native and farmer/rancher Charles Schultz.

When I was done I looked at the time and was like “Holy, that was 11 minutes?  It felt like 4 hours.”  You likely forgot who Kendall is, so here’s a refresher complete with pics.

Kendall-Jones-RemingtonI’m not a big fan of Kendall’s or her hunts.  I realize they were perfectly legal, I just don’t see the point of shooting rhinos, lions, tigers, zebras, elephants, hippos etc… especially when there aren’t exactly millions of elephants for instance.  Someone explain to me how killing that elephant helped save elephants as whole.  I honestly don’t know very much about hunting, so I can’t wrap my mind around that.  Same with the lion… about that she wrote “Controlling the male lion population is important within large fenced areas like these”.  Sure fair enough, but it couldn’t have been tranquilized and relocated? I’ve seen them do that on shows before.  Again maybe I’m just ignorant to how this has to work, so it would be nice to know.  If the answer is simply “It’s perfectly legal for her to shoot these, she likes shooting them and that’s all the reason she needs.  Quit being such a pussy Mike.” then that’s fine too, I’ll accept that.

The best part about all this, is the only reason the even showed up on Reminton’s radar, or the internet’s radar in general is because shes: young, a girl, and a “cheerleader”.  The world is so predictable now, it’s hilarious.



Did FPS Russia have plastic surgery?  Did he lose weight?  Is he wearing eye makeup?  He looks different in the face:

Well the intro was boring, and in general he talks to much in the video.  LOL at the derpy looking Remington 870 bullpup kit.  I swear some companies design things to look like shit on purpose.  Hopefully it doesn’t some how dick with the classic Remington 870 reliability.

FPS-RussiaI could have done without the music in the background through the video.  That was distracting.

4:20 – He shouts out our guy Richard Ryan for the slow-motion video.  Nice.



Better than nothing if you want a bullpup shotgun I suppose:

Terrible looking design though… Yeeeeeeeeeeeechhhhhhhh.  I’m always surprised when designs are shitty, like it costs any less to make a mold for something that looks like a dogs breakfast from the 1980s.

Regardless of how shitty it looks, I’m sure they will sell a lot of them at the $360 asking price.  It has AR-15 features on it, so that’s an insta-cop for pretty much everyone under the age of 40.

3:50 – OHHHHH yeeeeeeahhhhh the drop test.

5:12 – It sounds like she’s shaking rocks around in an ice cream pail, inside a cave when she cycles it. Probably echoing inside that monolithic plastic housing LOL.


I love how shes talking about how it’s “feeding reliable” etc… Like do you not remember that you just wrapped $360 dollars in plastic around a normal 870?  Why are you surprised it feeds any different?  I’d take this over the KSG any day, even though the KSG looks cooler.

I wonder if the trigger feels as bad as I think it probably does.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?