Toddler gun rap:

haha good stuff.  Speaking of “the hood”, every now and then when I use the term on Instagram It makes for a hilarious comment section because there’s more of a fly by audience due to the explore page.  Some people who stop by and aren’t familiar, think that trying to flip my caption meaning back on me to shame me is going to make me want to change it or delete the post.  Of course my shooters (you guys who follow me there) annihilate those people in the replies.  I just sit back, refresh and watched it go down. You can’t say anything now without someone wanting to twist it.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I don’t listen to the radio, but I still hear this song everywhere:

For some reason I didn’t enjoy this vid as much as a couple of the others I posted a while back:

This one just seems a bit more forced than the other two… maybe that’s why?

Glad they are having fun in the downtime anyway.  Since the original Carly Rae Jepsen music video is about a phone number and a gay dude I was half expecting that worked into the plot of this video somehow.  I guess DADT is still a touchy subject even to joke about.



True to the original video style of the song this covers (Nickleback – Rockstar):

The remix was all put together by YouTuber FateofDestinee. She did a great job with the editing!

Make sure you check out the video description on YouTube for links to the respective YouTuber’s channels.

You can check out FXhummel1’s original video – HERE

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FxHummel1 asked me if I could record the part where he mentioned ENDO, but sadly I couldn’t because I was operating in operations. Then when I finally thought I had some free time to do it, some supermodels wanted me to come to their calendar party. #BlogLife