Jim-Carrey-Cold-Dead-HandBoth great responses.  Both take the Jim Carrey a bit more serious than I do (see the song here if you haven’t), but that’s alright.  Both are also wearing ENDO shirts which by now you should also have in steady rotation if you love America and guns.



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The Westside Connection (In Living Color?) quote/clip with Jamie Foxx at the beginning was cool… Then I realized I was in for a dry 21 minute response:

If you missed the original video, the above was a response to the original post: How To Get The Attention Of Child Protective Services.

(3:30) “Hunting Mexicans” –  LOL kids say the funniest stuff.

(7:35) “I feel betrayed by blogs like this that are supposed to be like minded” – To each their own, but I don’t personally want to be associated with kids “playing” with guns.  It’s reckless enough when adults behave in such a manner.  You can have someone repeat the cardinal rules of gun safety over and over, but if you let them treat a real weapons like they are made by NERF, that’s just a recipe for an accident somewhere down the road if you ask me.

(13:30) “GunsForEveryone is made for those who are responsible with guns.  Those who treat those weapons with respect, yet still have fun.” – I’m still not seeing the “responsibility and respect”? Is it because the guns were not loaded?

I stand by what I said in the original post.  Like I’ve said in the past though, I really could give a shit less about stuff other people do as long as it doesn’t affect me; I will still talk about it on the blog though.   Some might say that his actions in the original video do directly affect me since I’m a gun owner.

Attached: A heart warming screenshot of the littlest one giving us the finger.  LOL man… *shakes head*



I like stuff like that.  I can only imagine how such a response would have made that kid’s day.

Judging by the yellowing of the paper, and the fact it appears to be typed and not printed, i’m assuming it must be fairly old.

I’m curious if Bill Dobrow is a Devil Dog by now. I did a couple of quick google searches and couldn’t come up with anything to suggest he is… but that doesn’t mean he isn’t, seeing as not everyone likes to advertise their career all over the internet.