In this Ogden Utah restaurant, they wear kilts and carry handguns:


With a 9mm Smith and Wesson secured in her kilt, Monika Siebers talks with a customer.  heheh “Monika”.  No doubt that old dude is listing the reasons why .45 is better than 9mm, and how kids now have it too easy, and how he had to tell a youngster to get off his lawn.

Full story over at The Guardian.  I was disappointed when I found out in the article the place isn’t actually called “Fish and Clips”, but rather “Sea Bears”.  Oh well, at least The Guardian trolled with the play on words… hehe clips… gets me every time.

Thoughts?  Are you tired of when a big deal is made in the media about something perfect legal and gun related?  The Guardian is a UK site, so I guess they figured a majority of their readers would likely be astonished this can actually happen in the US.

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This video is both obnoxious and confusing… and in portrait mode:

Source – WorldStar

Holy.. ok at the very beginning it appears she already has the gun out, and has ahold of the other girls shirt while pistol whipping her.  You can see the gun when they end up over by the table at around 0:06.

Keanu-WoahIt appears to be real fortunate no one got shot that day.  Oh and that lady yelling at the end… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I can’t wait until cameras come with sensors that will flip so no one can film in portrait mode unless they override a setting manually.  

I couldn’t find any news story on this, but it would be interesting to hear what actually happened.  The beginning of the video looked like a disaster.


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