Oh man, I want to get a SIG ECHO 1 just so I can throw some ill reticle up on the screen for the lulz.

Basically you can go to their reticle maker website (scroll down) and draw anything you want in that web app and then upload it to the sight to use as a reticle hahah.  Here are a couple mockups I made in Photoshop:



Someone should figure out what the .ret file is, so reticles can be designed directly in photoshop.

Front all you want, but don’t even try and convince me that Goatse reticle isn’t hella usable.  I made a mockup below just in case any of you have the AUDACITY to question my genius:



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More than two months after an ABC News report that rifle scopes used by U.S. soldiers are inscribed with secret Biblical references, troops in Afghanistan and Iraq are still carrying the so-called Jesus rifles – and the U.S. military says it could take a year to remove the Bible codes from all its weapons. (ABC News source)

A year? I wonder how many millions of dollars this will cost. :roll: COME ON…

These aren’t your average cheap rifle scopes.  If they want the verse removed just tell the soldiers to take a rock, screwdriver etc.. to the inscription.  Or make one guy in every unit, in charge of the task. Problem Solved. It’s not like the lettering stands more than a couple hundredths of an inch high. You just would have to be careful not to scratch off the serial number.

I talked about the story when it first surfaced in January on a post called Trijicon – Religious Aiming Solutions which got quite a bit of attention on forums for the photoshop I did.


They say cats have 9 lives:

Hopefully this one isn’t on its 9th.


So the ACOG weapon sights have references to bible verses on them.  Who cares?

What’s next? Criticism over the configuration and appearance of the reticle?

I whipped this up in photoshop today after seeing the article on SayUncle

ABC News Article on the topic – HERE

Hat Tip: Say Uncle



Banned in Australia

Restricted in Canada

Need a permit to put hand in pocket in the US