Tacdaddy reviews a pooper scooper as Nutnfancy:

Is the whip crack sound a thing Nutnfancy does now?  I’m not ever looking for ways to waste my time, so I haven’t seen a video of his in a few years.  The rest of the nuances of his personality, and all the catch phrases and acronyms he drops (which I know about) were done really well.

3:27 – LOL that slayed me.


Hat tip: Spectre


Another astute/hilarious review from MrColionNoir.  LOL at the moment for T-dogg, and the “black man quota”. Priceless…

I’m with MrColionNoir on the fact that the compound parts of the show have been boring.

If you’re behind on Walking Dead episodes you can catch up at Amazon.

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I haven’t watched this video yet because I’m only about 20 minutes into the episode, and i’m sure it contains spoilers.  This “Everyday No Days Off” thing sometimes puts recreational stuff like that on hold.  So far in the episode though I’ve seen MAGlite suppressors, a suppressor that looks more like a loudener, guns that recoil weird or not at all, guns that fire but their slides or actions don’t reciprocate, and stupid looking muzzle flashes.  I’m sure he MUST touch on that in the above video because it was so terribly obvious.

If you have no place to watch walking dead for free, you can watch it in HD on for $2.99.

MrColionNoir is wearing the Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.



Let me first of all say I normally have no use for gun reviews.

Since i’m subscribed to MrColionNoir (like you also should be *hint hint*) his reviews were always popping up in my feed.  I didn’t even watch one of them because I am used to the standard crappy boring gun review (yea I know i’m lazy), and I don’t plan on buying like 99% of the stuff he has reviewed, so good or bad my life doesn’t change.  Anyway, I happened to watch the above CZ-75 review only because my friend Jon has that pistol and I’ve shot it a fair amount and liked it, except for a few gripes which I was sure he would touch on.  Sure enough, he didn’t disappoint with the “retarded midget slide” comment (4:05) hahhahahhaha

One thing he didn’t mention, which I found to be an issue is that the trigger was very slippery when I had sweaty hands.  I had not found this to be an issue with my glock triggers probably because they are plastic, and one of them even has lines cut into it.

Anyway, if you’re into reviews, his are worth checking out.  The production quality is top notch, and they are very casual just like his funny vids.



Military times compares 21 AR-15 grips.  You’ll get to read their opinion, and see a nice side profile and rear profile of each grip as pictured above.

Thank god someone is willing to put in the work for that type of comparison.  Looks too much like work to me!

I thought I had my ear to the streets of AR-15 parts & accessories, but apparently not.  I had not heard of a number of the grips in the review!

What make/model of trigger are they runnin on the AR in the pics?  It’s got no curve at all to it! (yet another thing I apparently don’t know about haha)



For guys that can’t cut stuff good with their current knife and want to cut stuff more better with a new one:

hahahha great stuff.  I’m sold, that knife is the highest speed lowest drag thing I’ve ever seen.

On a related note, I should do some more curls. That girl in the video needs to start something other than carrots.

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