hahah so good:

The sad thing is, this would sell like crazy at 2 times the price.

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haha like one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite philosophers states “Get yourself a Glock rimfire revolver. Lose that nickel plated sissy pistol” -Justin Bieber

In all seriousness, if Glock made a .22 LR semi auto, or hell even a revolver I’d be all over it.  A reliable rimfire pistol In the same frame as the G19?  I literally COULDN’T EVEN, and I’m pretty sure the rest of the world would be with me on that.



Oh lawwwwwwwd:


*smh* this is getting bad.  LOL

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Marketed as a great option for self-defense and EDC:

Signal9-Reliant-Pistol-1911-Revolver-CCW-EDCMultiple calibers to pick from… 4 shots, 4 barrels, with a rotating firing pin.  Hmmmmm…. why?  It’s like some of these companies try and figure out ANY little “neva bin done befo'” twist with firearm design and run with it, no matter how complicated or unnecessary.   There are numerous reasons this is so unnecessary, but one is the fact it’s pretty damn big for what it does.  It’s 0.75″ shorter than the sub-compact Glock 26 for instance, but is thicker and wider.  Not only that but this Signal9 thing only holds 4 rounds (and an extra 4 in the grip, for a reload), and the Glock26 has 10 ready to go in a tiny little magazine.  The only major advantage I see that this reliant has is the “no snag” aspect in that there is that there is no reciprocating slide, external hammer, or external rotating cylinder for all 4 of the shots.

Wat-memeAnyone else think that by looking at the trigger, it checks all the boxes for being “pure ass”?

MSRP is $500.  There is lots more information on the Signal9 Defense website if you care.  *shrug* the market will decide as always if this is a better idea than I think it is.



Xbox Ahoy takes a look:

Glock-Revolver-21RGood as always.  That COD scoped combat revolver is hilarious.

I hope these videos have the side effect of educating gaming nerds who aren’t familiar the firearms actually have a history outside of the games they play.

<— That Glock revolver tho…



Joerg Sprave was back in the workshop cooking with the Pyrex:

Joerg-Sprave-Revolving-RevolversJoerg is a genius.  This is begging to be done with actual revolvers…. I’m sure something that cool would be illegal though right?  Anyone want to armchair cheeto dick operator lawyer the legality of this for me?   Sheeeeeeeeeiiiiit… Now I’m thinking revolving .50 BMGs even would be epic.


P.S. That’s cool guys are filming in > 30fps now on YouTube.  I really notice a difference… almost kind of weird at first because it’s so different to watch.  Jerry “the ruler” Miculek does 60p now too.