Joerg Sprave was back in the workshop cooking with the Pyrex:

Joerg-Sprave-Revolving-RevolversJoerg is a genius.  This is begging to be done with actual revolvers…. I’m sure something that cool would be illegal though right?  Anyone want to armchair cheeto dick operator lawyer the legality of this for me?   Sheeeeeeeeeiiiiit… Now I’m thinking revolving .50 BMGs even would be epic.


P.S. That’s cool guys are filming in > 30fps now on YouTube.  I really notice a difference… almost kind of weird at first because it’s so different to watch.  Jerry “the ruler” Miculek does 60p now too.


Dear Hollywood, Glocks do not have external hammers:

Glock-Revolver-21RI love how they think it wouldn’t be dramatic enough to just have someone pick a loaded gun up and have it not make a sound.  Sure the script would have to be written a bit differently because if you’re just pointing a gun at someone like in the case of the Wayne Unser clip shown, Juice would have had to say something or do something else in order to get his attention… big deal though.

If Glock came out with a polymer frame revolver with an external hammer, Hollywood would love it.

Thoughts?  Does this bug you or do you not even notice?

What about Sons Of Anarchy too huh? Like with The Walking Dead, I go through stages and seasons of loving/hating the show. Oh well SOA is on it’s last season now so whatever happens happens.

Hat tip: Gear Whores Anonymous


Royal Nonesuch everyone… holy this kid is awesome. Below is just a taste…

Homemade .410 Revolver Carbine:

Ahhhhh no eye protection!

Rapid reload technique for slamfire pipe guns:

Interesting… I’m surprised that works so well.  DAT gold / tiger strip tho…

And people say guns “could” be completely banned / disappeared.  Yea right… this is a perfect example of how that’s never going to happen.  Royal Nonesuch graduated highschool just a few months ago.   I see a bright future for him as long as he stays safe.  I’m definitely not as confident in pipe integrity as he is.

Royal-Nonesuch-YouTubeI think it’s safe to say his channel is definitely worth subscribing to.

BAN PIPE!  Ban smart young guys who can weld and like to tinker around with weapons!

You can get the Selector Switch Shirt he’s wearing in the first video over at ENDO Apparel.




Jerry-MiculekOMG he missed on the first shot, what is this world coming to! LOL :P

What makes it even crazier is that this guy is grandpa age now.  1000 yards isn’t a short distance to put sights onto a balloon, I don’t care if it’s fluorescent.

hahaha “I had to aim at the sky like a rocket launcher”.  150 ft of elevation compensation is nuts.



Jerry Miculek stunts on them haters once again in 1080p high definition slow motion:

sammy-davis-jrSo crazy to see the sequence of events in slow motion and the timing when he reloads.

pffft 4.01 seconds… shave that 0.01 off then I’ll be impressed. ;)



18×24″ steel at 200 yards, with a snub-nosed revolver held upside-down:

jackie-chan-mind-blownJerry be like “Aw you shoot targets with your snub-nosed revolver at 5-10 yards with the gun held properly? That’s cute”

How does a guy get old man strength but keep young guy vision?  Hell I have a prescription at 31, and I’m useless without my contact/glasses at 200 yards unmagnified on something that small with iron sights on a rifle… never mind an upside-down short sight radius of a revolver.

1:30 – Yea Jerry, I know how far 200 yards is… thanks for rubbing it in and taking me along for the ride. :P