Richard Ryan

This is awesome:

haha unreal.  Mat is one of those guys that deserves all the success he has.  Same with Evan Hafer, Richard Ryan etc.. and the rest of the day 1 Black Rifle Coffee gang.  I was super pumped to see them go public back in February (BRCC:NYSE).  Witnessing the viral rise of that brand over the past bunch of years was really cool to watch.  I’m into finance, so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it.  The great thing about the company being public, is now anyone can see what’s going on with the financials; they now have an investor relations page you can take a look at.  The numbers are mind blowing honestly.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Me: *adding this to my Sheepdog fan fiction ideas list*

Good looking gun, great looking backyard.  Looks like Richard could use one of those little robot things to keep the pool clean, unless that’s going to be another video “I threw a threw a Boston Dynamics robotic dog in the pool and told it to clean”.

I’m pretty sure he lives in Texas now, but I have to wonder if he gives his neighbors the heads up before vids like this haha.  I live around all old people, which is cool because they are really chill and friendly… but I feel like if I started doing magdumps into a pool I’d have armored vehicles and helicopters show up in like 5 minutes.



They should have never gave Richard money.  He doesn’t appreciate shit:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-ShirtThat’s actually a really cool shot.  hahah he only only wrecked one 870… but also a second one.

So in conclusion, Richard is basically Michael Bloomberg with a straw hat :( :P.



7.62x51mm 3000 rounds per minute:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-ShirtMan… mini guns are so awesome.  I love that design.  Seeing it in slow motion was really cool too.

hahah 1:45 – Richards face when he’s holding the button and brass is raining out

It always blows my mind that Richard does all this stuff legally within the state of California. After hearing all the hoops he has to jump through it sounds like a huge pain, however I admire the fact he doesn’t just get up and leave the state simply because it would be easier elsewhere. California is his home so he wants to stay.


They band together their resources and turn it up to 11:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-ShirtUgh they could have given that house to starving kids in Africa or the incoming Syrian “refugees”.

I like this video format… It felt a lot like watching a movie. It’s awesome there was so much empty land around the house to allow such shenanigans.

Thoughts? “Richie and the Russian” sounds like a good name for a band those two should form right? haha


I 100% refuse to call these shitty things “hoverboards”:

So many people must get hurt on those things.  Segways look like beacons of safety compared to those little micro-wheeled POS’.  I’ll call something a hoverboard when it functions like the one in Back To The Future. It’s too bad the thumbnail of the video doesn’t represent the actual video. I would have liked to see a gyroscopic toy mounted SAW haha.

Funny how he had to lean the toy into the recoil, but then when it let up he was obviously going forward quickly haha.

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-CaliforniaI tweeted to Richard the other day, that if he wanted a billion views on a video plus death threats he should get some Nike Air Mags and shoot them.  Seriously though… people would lose their minds.  Same with any of the Yeezy shoes or boots.  If this destroying expensive things for money thing is actually more than paying itself (and more) I were him I’d cherry pick all the most hypebeast stuff in every major genre.  I really think the videos need to be taking on a more Larry Vuitton style approach though, containing multiple angles, multiple items, and multiple interesting shots in slow motion etc..

I know I say this quite a bit regarding YouTube videos now, but don’t read the comments if you have any faith whatsoever in humanity and today’s youth.