Richard Ryan

Richard Ryan is a savage and habitual line stepper:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-Shirt1:11 – I could feel my heart sinking and my muscles tensing up, bracing for the impact.

1:58 – :(  Well at least it wasn’t a G17 or G19.

They should have never gave Richard money… he doesn’t know how to appreciate shit. :P


Richard Ryan with a real power move:

Flexxxx young man flex.  $2250 worth of iPhones gone in an instant.  Take that watermelons! :P

I sure hope after 6 years of blowing up iPhones he’s still easily pulling in 10s of thousands of dollars off ads to pay for all this stuff and his time.  I’m actually surprised no one else has who has high speed filming capabilities has ventured into the iPhone blowing up business.  Larry Vuitton would be the obvious choice.

iPhone-ClaymoreI wish Richard would have emailed me before this video and asked why I thought as far as the creative direction.  I would have suggested at least five ALLAHU ACKBARS! yelled, and one goat be involved in the video somehow.  I feel like my skill set dictates I could creatively direct trolling scenarios the best.



LOL Richard Ryan is the man:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-T-ShirtI hate to think how much even one round for that cannon is.  Makes his Barrett .50 BMG look like a pea shooter.

2:10 – Wow as usual the slow motion footage was amazing… seeing that round break apart is something else.  So much debris coming of the barrel after it too wow.

2:24 – LOLOL peeled that iMac’s wig back.

When ever I see Richards videos I can’t help but think he didn’t get the “No Right To Bear Arms” memo everyone else in the state of CA got. :P


Lead Farmer and NOIR:

Good episode.  This is more the style I was expecting all the NOIR episodes to be like.  I hope this is the start of a new trend.

The best part about Richard Ryan’s Lead Farmer hat is how it moves when the recoil hits him haha.  Priceless.

6:44 – NOIR on having to “watch what he communicates to the rest of the world”.   Is having to check yourself and plan out everything to be safe and convey the correct message even fun?  Sounds like a living nightmare for a free man.  Maybe it’s just a luxury I have, but you’ll never catch me living my life, blogging a certain way, and acting a certain way so people don’t get offended or get the wrong idea.

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOTaran Butler seems pretty badass. I’m not sure why he’s messing around with that stolen valor oxygen thief Amy Jane still though.  I would have assumed she was radioactive at this point, but apparently not haha.



Richard Ryan and his buddy light up a spiked watermelon with the .50 BMG:


Man Richard is really owning that Lead Farmer look.  I haven’t ever been about the huge brimmed hats, but he’s looking damn comfortable in that California sun.  Is outdoor daytime comfort legal there still?  Just checking.


haha this thing fires what they call the blown out .50BMG cartridge thing thing shoots a “Darwin bullet”.. so suitable:

Richard-Ryan-12GA-From-Hell1:00 – LOOOOOOOL turned him into rubber.  His shoulder looked like it got knocked back a good 8 inches.  Ouch.

2:04 – Holy his buddy at the end got rocked even worse.  Caught it on the upswing like a boss though to safe face.

I think I’d pass on shooting that.  I eat a lot of cheese, but don’t drink any milk so I’d probably shatter my entire upper body into like 1293 pieces.  I’d have to get some sort of Stephen Hawking chair with that ENDO money just to maintain.

Would you shoot that thing, given the chance?  Doing things just to do them?