Richard Ryan on that Lone Survivor movie breakdown once again:

Holy Richard is bringing this next level stuff quick, only a week into January!  I’m sure he has hundreds of fun ideas / toys lined up for the remaining weeks of 2014.

Richard-Ryan-ENDOThe Ferrari in the screen cap was a tease.  Initially I was like “Did he?”.  Oh well I always said “Fuck Dodge Neons” my whole life anyway, so well played on that car choice.

Fail on not saying “TO DA CHOPPAh!” haha.  The blades on that chopper and the spent brass raining out of the exhaust tube looked epic in slow motion.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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22Plinkster is a beast.

Richard Ryan is awesome too, but in a different way.  Since YouTube allows hour plus long videos now I really should film myself doing some trick shots, but not make ANY edits.  I’d have to hide 2 seconds worth of frames somewhere in the video with a significantly large ENDO Apparel gift code just so if someone actually wasted so much time to watch me miss 3000x, it would be worth their while.

A behind the scenes interview:

Richard-Ryan-Keep-Calm-ENDO1:10 – So modest… they definitely both make millions of dollars :P  I like Richard’s behind the scenes vids a lot.

I bet 22Plinkster is surgical with the .308 and the Remington 870 of his too. I say he should start 308plinkster and 12GAplinkster channels ASAP.



Carnik Con and Richard Ryan get it done:

Richard-Ryan-Carnik-Con-SafariHoly, that was pro!  Barrett M82 and a Mac-10… legit game hunting guns if I’ve ever known any haha.

2:44 – How many people shit a brick?  Be honest.

3:00 – “It’s like, are you even an operator? bro?” LOL

4:13 – hahaha this whole part was amazing too

5:07 – I love whenever that Ryan Gosling framed picture makes a random appearance.

The whole video is priceless, I didn’t want it to be over.  Dugan Ashley was awesome as usual… Richard Ryan’s character was funny as hell too.  I hope he does more gun related comedy like this.