Rick James



Did tracking point even go out with a fight like Rick James?  I feel like they could have got government contracts, or slashed prices even more, stopped R&D and just let the products breathe for a while.  What do I know about anything though *shrug*… Hopefully there aren’t too many people out of jobs, and too many people with rifles who are left without support if need be.

Rick-James-Dave-ChappelleDudes with Tracking Point rifles be like “What imma do with the warranty if something goes wrong Eddie Murphaaaaaay?”

“They should have never gave you ni….” LOL you knew that was coming.

On a more serious note, I hope someone who works there decides to pull the greatest move of all time and open sources everything. That would be such a gangster gesture which would be much appreciated by several industries, and HUGELY piss off lawmakers.



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