rick ross

Nice blouse bro:

haha for real?  Dude stick to rapping about drugs and glorifying guns and violence… no one gives a shit about your hypocritical views on the exact thing which makes you piles of money.  Luckiest corrections officer turned fake thug EVER… I still can’t believe that leaked and he was like “meh yea that was me in the pic so what?” then all his albums since have been hugely successful.

You can’t sleep on how catchy the songs on his new album MASTERMIND are though.  I’m a fan:

Rick-RossI want to get a job at WingStop, open carry to work then when he’s like “WTF?  Are you carrying an AR-15 at work?” I’d just shrug and be like “WAR READY” then ether him with “P.S. How many more of Biggie’s lines is gonna come out your fa……” then I’d chicken out and run away.



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When I started this vid up for the first time I was bracing for the worst.   The main rapper (with the wacky dreads) is named “Gunplay”, he’s part of Rick Ross’ crew Triple C’s (Carol City Cartel).  He actually is pretty safe with the firearms.  His aim could use some work though if he wants to really hold it down.

This guy’s rap persona, and overall look is pretty hard.  I would have assumed he had at least one felony which would exclude him from shooting or likely even being on the property of a shooting range.   I guess he must be squeaky clean though, unless he’s stupid enough to spin the wheel on his freedom by putting this video up on youtube.   Likely though the case is that actors gonna act.

LOL I know most of you hate when I shoehorn rap into this blog… but deal with it bros, and revel in discussing how much you hate it in the comments.