rifle retention

Oh wait… it’s actually called SARRP (Special Application Rifle Retention Platform)… my bad:

I’m sure airsoft operators alone will make this guy rich beyond his wildest dreams.  I just don’t see sales to professionals who actually carry AR-15s around for work happening.

AR15-Rifle-Hip-HolsterI don’t care what make/model of operator AF SBR you own… those things are NOT that light, so you’re not going to want to have it on your hip for an extended period of time.  I want to see him run with that thing on!

Honestly though if it’s like $30-60 I’m sure a lot range operators will buy them for fun.  I was extra harsh in the title of the post, but I just really wanted to massage DERP into an acronym related to this… mission accomplished. ;)

Thoughts?  I know some of you guys are thinking “I hope he makes a left hand version too… I want one SBR on each hip!”

Hat tip: Jake


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