LAV takes a look at a rare bullpup rifle they used in the movie District 9:

Larry Vuitton has all the hookups!  When he’s not shooting with models he’s shooting v rare guns.

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyLOL @ when he yells “prawn!” at 2:53.

Nothing I’d really care to own.. but it looks cool enough I guess.  I’m sure there’s a big market for all types of aesthetic and bullpup conversions no matter how shitty it ends up making the trigger feel etc..



One of those machining / manufacturing videos I like so much:

They talk a lot of shit at the beginning about all the “amount of maintenance required to make the m4 design continually run properly.  We’re constantly fighting to get through full magazine dumps to show how effective the compensators were.”.   Really?  You couldn’t even get through a few magazines back to back in a regular AR without a failure?  I have sub $1000 gas impingement AR-15s and they all work fine.

Looks like they have some expensive equipment and know how to use it anyway!   I’m still surprised the market can support so many manufacturers who all make a very similar product.   It seems to me that the only thing separating a lot of these companies is aesthetics, their own spin on changing aspects of the design, but especially marketing.

PWS-Tactical-Hand-Guard-LengthenerIf you like, you can check out the MK1 series of rifles on PWS’ site which all go for just under $2000.

Thank god PWS quit making episodes of Half Cocked.  That show went downhill quick.



ahahahhahaha this is awesome.  A touching video for their two year anniversary:

When-A-Man-Loves-A-RifleThis video is from the same guy who did Defend Waifu.

Congrats you two.  You make a beautiful couple… *toast* here’s to the laws getting reformed to accept your modern love.


Gat tip: no uno


A fun America VS terrorists video:

Put together by youtuber Allen Lardieri because he was so amped off the Geissele parts he bought for his rifle build (seen in the video).

HowTerroristsGetIn√ Geissele parts… √ corny video… √ loser terrorists dying.  What’s not to like?

Hat tip: Van


Hey Steampunk nerds… heads up:


Caleb from Gun Nuts has his tactical panties in a bunch about it…. I on the other hand think it’s pretty cool.  By no means would I ever want to own this think, but if I saw someone with it at the range I’d definitely want to talk to them and take another look.  Well… depends on how invested in the whole Steampunk life they are.  If the owner was wearing a copper monocole, wooden arm brace, steaming top hat with gears on it I’d probably just quietly snap a creepy smartphone pic then slink out.

Bonus points for the retro loudener and gas pressure gauges.  That extra tank to adjust gas pressure is v crucial too.

UPDATE: A thread about the build on AR15.com

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


Facebooking a picture of a baby with a gun is always a crowd pleaser:

Wow… an outcry over a stupid little picture like that?  I’ve seen lots of pictures with babies and guns, why did this one get so much press?  If I had a kid brother or sister I would troll the shit out of the anti gun world.

I love how the dad was basically like “meh…”

1:42 – Wow, the amount of derp that comes out of her derp hole is astonishing.

Troll-FaceThat’s weak the store succumbed to the pressure and removed the picture from their facebook page.