Scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.

He makes some good points.  If you just want to see him show the rifle and mess around with it, go to 8:15.

That optic on the high-rise extendo’d out over the gas block is making my eye twitch.


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This goes exactly how you’d assume.  These guys definitely watched some Ryan’s World unboxing vids with their kids and were like “PuHLEEEEZE Chief can we do one and put it up on the YouTube?” haha

Not guilty on all counts, but he doesn’t get all his property back?  Judging by what the one officer says at 1:25, I guess Kyle’s lawyer agreed to it.  I’m assuming the prosecution specifically requested it, as if it would make a profound statement to have it destroyed, and Kyle and his lawyer were probably like “sure whatever bro, you can have it 🙄”.

2:42 – hah they stuck a Ninja Turtles Shredder picture on their gun shredder.

My bets now are that Kyle has the pieces, and some cringe NFT bros are pitching a project to him.  Said project will no doubt make 7 figures on mint day, because that’s how things like this work in 2022.



Sounds like a plan:

5.11 in the spirit of the new FarCry 5 game which comes out March 27th.  My girlfriend has been amped about that game for like a year now.  I’m not into the time investment these games require, but I’ll gladly sit on the couch while she plays and make up blog posts, read, kill time on Twitter etc.  I have to say, FarCry 4 was pretty cool, I hope 5 lives up to the hype.

Smart and obedient dogs are so cool.



LOL this is so dumb, it’s impressive:

Oh and here’s a video of PatrolBase on Instagram drawing the thing.  What a disaster:

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The ATF be like:

Whole lotta CZ.  The pronounced sharp-ish beavertail on the CZ-75 looks uncomfortable to shoulder (I can’t believed I just typed that), but what do I know.  Yea sure, it’s airsoft, but still.  Don’t tell me there aren’t thousands of piehitters out there that will be absolutely dying to get this for every handgun and rifle they have.  If you don’t think that’s an accurate statement, I’d say you haven’t been deep in the gun related internet for long enough.

In the pictures, the connector looks like a 3D printed sample, but I’m sure they are probably working on production models as we speak.  I can’t really tell who makes it, but it seems to be either PatrolBase (the one who posted these pictures) or Action Sport Games.  If you’re looking for more info, or whatever you should holler at one of them.

Thoughts?  You need one of these to put your 1911 inside your blasphemous chopped Mosin-Nagant and shoulder it?  heh, they might be able to sort you out.

Gat tip: Modern.paladin, Riley


LAV takes a look at a rare bullpup rifle they used in the movie District 9:

Larry Vuitton has all the hookups!  When he’s not shooting with models he’s shooting v rare guns.

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyLOL @ when he yells “prawn!” at 2:53.

Nothing I’d really care to own.. but it looks cool enough I guess.  I’m sure there’s a big market for all types of aesthetic and bullpup conversions no matter how shitty it ends up making the trigger feel etc..



One of those machining / manufacturing videos I like so much:

They talk a lot of shit at the beginning about all the “amount of maintenance required to make the m4 design continually run properly.  We’re constantly fighting to get through full magazine dumps to show how effective the compensators were.”.   Really?  You couldn’t even get through a few magazines back to back in a regular AR without a failure?  I have sub $1000 gas impingement AR-15s and they all work fine.

Looks like they have some expensive equipment and know how to use it anyway!   I’m still surprised the market can support so many manufacturers who all make a very similar product.   It seems to me that the only thing separating a lot of these companies is aesthetics, their own spin on changing aspects of the design, but especially marketing.

PWS-Tactical-Hand-Guard-LengthenerIf you like, you can check out the MK1 series of rifles on PWS’ site which all go for just under $2000.

Thank god PWS quit making episodes of Half Cocked.  That show went downhill quick.