Hey Steampunk nerds… heads up:


Caleb from Gun Nuts has his tactical panties in a bunch about it…. I on the other hand think it’s pretty cool.  By no means would I ever want to own this think, but if I saw someone with it at the range I’d definitely want to talk to them and take another look.  Well… depends on how invested in the whole Steampunk life they are.  If the owner was wearing a copper monocole, wooden arm brace, steaming top hat with gears on it I’d probably just quietly snap a creepy smartphone pic then slink out.

Bonus points for the retro loudener and gas pressure gauges.  That extra tank to adjust gas pressure is v crucial too.

UPDATE: A thread about the build on AR15.com

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


Facebooking a picture of a baby with a gun is always a crowd pleaser:

Wow… an outcry over a stupid little picture like that?  I’ve seen lots of pictures with babies and guns, why did this one get so much press?  If I had a kid brother or sister I would troll the shit out of the anti gun world.

I love how the dad was basically like “meh…”

1:42 – Wow, the amount of derp that comes out of her derp hole is astonishing.

Troll-FaceThat’s weak the store succumbed to the pressure and removed the picture from their facebook page.



Look no further than the gun bed:

Suspiciously terrible taste in bedspread / pillow pattern aside (haha zebra, cheetah, leopard?) this guy is NOT to be messed with when he’s in his jammies trying to catch some ZZZZzzz.  Where can I get some ill sweatpants with the knee detail like that?

Jokes aside, I wonder if getting the gun out properly takes coordination and practice?  I’d probably be all groggy, hit the release and my AR-15 would hit me in the head and knock me unconscious.  Another thing I’m not at all thrilled about is the fact for those who aren’t #ForeverAlone, someone else in the bed with you is going to have to be in on your little surprise gun action.  If not, they might find themselves accidentally releasing the rifle… getting muzzle swept, or knocked in the head with the barrel when you’re trying to get the gun out when you hear a ruckus.

pantherIs the gun bed vaporware?  I don’t know… what I do know is that the link in the YouTube description where you could supposedly order it doesn’t work.  I’m guessing the guy made his millions, retired and is just chilling in the tropics right now getting fed grapes by supermodels on platinum gun beds, surrounded by real zebra, cheetahs, and leopards.


Hat tip: addyyoon


You’ve probably never seen or heard of a lot of these:


Mmmmmm wood, and stamped metal.

Full list over at Reddit if you care.

Hat tip: Reggie


If this is real, this guy is either incredibly stupid, or suicidal:

Gun-Culture-Not-Halloween-Costume-Racism-1I’d like to think this “prank” was faked… and It could have been, but I really doubt it.  Unfortunately I can’t tell by the pixels if that’s genuine fear those people have, or if they are actors running away.

This must have been shot in a gun free zone, where only the police have guns (ha ha).  Like I said, real risky anywhere.

Talk about a sick sense of humor.


Hat tip: Brandon


Basically the most un-operator looking thing you could own… but damn are they accurate:

Vid from YouTuber Taofledermaus… a name which I always end up just copy/pasting because It’s impossible to remember the spelling of, and you guys know how anal I am with the grammar and spelling on here.  Don’t get me started haha ;)

rich-monopoly-manThat’s a niche hobby for rich guys if I’ve ever seen one.  I’m guessing these gents haul all that down to the range to just shoot a handful of rounds, then hang around all day and chill just because they are old, retired, rich.  Arguments would probably erupt here and there over cognac preferences,  tweed, cigars, vintage Bugattis, and summer homes… but all in all they would just love kicking it with each other, feeling like wealth.

If I had an extra few hundred thousand collecting dust I’d build the most badass tactical looking benchrest rifle, then mount a Tracking Point system on it and proceed to split playing cards from miles away.