She caught you slippin:


One of the best things about posting clip / magazine memes I make, is the guys who are like “I don’t see why it matters *smh*”.  haha ok “Scott” lets just not have any rules in language… you’d like that wouldn’t you? IT WOULD BE ABSOLUTE CHAOS.


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Like brap brap brap.

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There’s a gun in it, and the video / song is tight so I’m posting it:

1:26 – Oooo that Goyard trunk.

2:02 – Future wife perkiness under gravity goals.  Yes I know they aren’t real, they look good tho.

3:20 – When someone calls my phone with something they could have texted I’m like…

3:33 – Oh shit Eric Roberts!

5:36 – Money gun haha

I think the entire video can be summed up by “Well that escalated quickly!” haha.

Rihanna-Gun-TattooI’ve blogged about Rihanna a few other times on here.  I think it’s pretty safe to say she’s pro gun, and doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks either way.  OMG it appears she even now has a Deagle tattoo on her thigh.  I’m not really much of a tattoo guy… but that’s hot.

So who’s getting BBHMM engraved on a gun?


Puts her money where her mouth is:

She has at least one tattoo of a gun on her, she was in Battleship, and she occasionally incorporates guns and military themes into her music videos.  Is she pro-gun though?  I don’t know, it would appear that way but with celebs trying to be “edgy” what a better interest to pick than guns?

rihanna-hard-videoI’m no expert on 2013 grill technology (yes that’s a field of expertise I just made up), but as far as AK-47 grills go I would have thought the technology existed to make something that defined an AK-47 more accurately especially if the buyer has money like Rihanna. This grill looks like someone left a gold chocolate AK-47 out in the sun too long. Maybe that’s another piece of the “edgy” puzzle though? Get a grill that looks shitty on purpose to look even more “hood”.



The CGI in this is off the chain:

Right on, Rihanna even looks good with short hair and a hat.  Not that I expected she wouldn’t have.

Basically this movie looks like what I imagine Transformers 4 will look like.

I usually end up watching this type of movie eventually, since the CGI is so impressive and the action is non stop.

Release Date: May 18, 2012

Anyone heading to the theater on opening night for this one?

Hat tip: Matt S.


If you never saw the original SNL “Shy Ronnie” skit, basically he raps, but he’s shy when Rihanna is around so he just mumbles quietly to himself.  When she leaves and he kicks it into high gear.

Anyway I like Rihanna, this contains guns, Don Draper, and Andy Samberg so Enjoy!