Richard Ryan takes a look in his signature slow-mo way:

If you don’t remember the original 9mm R.I.P. Ammunition, hit up that post for a refresh.  It’s scary looking stuff but proven not that great.

I would NOT want to get hit with a round of that.  Hell I don’t want to get hit with .22 LR either.

300-blackout-AAC-Ammunition-Ammo-RIPIf you check out Richard’s other channel he shoots Cheetos, Cookie dough, a pineapple and some other random stuff for lulz with the ammo.

Richard is wearing the California No Right To Bear Arms shirt from ENDO Apparel.



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The police report – HERE

Damn :( only 36 years old.  Not that much older than me…  I didn’t know the guy, but from the YouTube videos I saw him in, and the things I read about him he seemed like a class act.

My condolences to his friends and family.  I hope they are able to pull through this and keep pumping out quality firearms and accessories in his honor.

Remember guys, always wear your seatbelt.  Sure they can get annoying at times, but John may still be here today if he was wearing his.


During my deployments in Iraq there were often rumors that certain soldiers were taking steroids because of their sudden increase in physical size. When the unit deployed these soldiers looked no different from the average soldier, but upon completion of the deployment they looked Rambo-esque. Some soldiers felt that others were getting away with steroid use because these soldiers were rarely seen in the gym and because drug testing through urinalysis was rarely done by units while deployed.

Full Story – HERE

I don’t know how people can function on drinks like “Rip-it”. I once had a few Red Bulls back to back and felt terribly anxious, and even more thirsty then I was initially.  I suppose you get accustomed to it though.

I’m really surprised they don’t crack down more on steroid use while deployed. Especially considering mismanaged steroid use can quickly lead to heath problems and injuries.  I assume the side effect of aggression would occasionally have its advantages in combat.  It would be nice though if you could just turn it off and on.