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If any other text on the planet has been argued about more than the 2nd Amendment, I’d be very surprised:

Bill Whittle always serves it up nicely.  People will continue to argue this forever, no matter what.

constitution“Well that was written back in the days of flintlock muskets so… blah blah blah” *extreme eye roll when people say that*


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People don’t need guns in NYC… the police are apparently good enough:

0:02 – Stellar trigger discipline J

0:59 – LOL some guy (likely from Portland ) said he should be shot in the face.  Sounds like a good enough reason to me to want to protect yourself.

3:19 – Is this guy talking from a shooting range, or did he just finish shooting?  If not, let me be the first to say he looks really special.

John Stossel is the man.  I’ve like him ever since someone on here told me to watch the Freeloaders special he made.



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Senator Yee, fighting against law abiding gun owners:

“What I am proposing is to essentially prevent any mechanism that would allow the conversion of an assault weapon into a way that you can fire these magazines upon magazines without effort” -Senator Yee

I have two questions:

  1. How often are what the media likes to call “Assault” rifles used in violent crimes in CA?
  2. What percentage of  “Assault” rifles in evidence right now have bullet buttons or fixed magazines?

I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to both questions… but i’ll humor Senator Yee and support his ban if the answers turn out to be “Very often & most”.

Full Story – HERE

The initial restriction, and this new bill about to be put forward is a typical example of bullshit that does nothing but further inconvenience the law abiding.  Go interview 100 gang members and ask them what they think of magazine capacity restrictions, adjustable stocks, and shoulder things that go up.  I’ll save you the trouble and let you know in advance you’ll get 100 guys laughing in your face.


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