rob lowe

Him and Piers have a calm conversation:

My first thought was “Damn that guy has majestic hair” then I whispered “no homo” to myself.  But just like a good looking girl who becomes less attractive if you talk to her and realize she’s dumb, Rob Lowe’s hair lost its luster on me the more and more he didn’t stick up for gun rights during the interview.

At 0:56 when Rob Lowe said he didn’t have assault weapons, I wish he would have said “But I do have an AR-15, which idiots like you improperly label assault weapons as a scare tactic”

1:26 – OMG… again Piers is on the “I just don’t get the assault weapon thing”.  Maybe if he listened when authorities on the topic tried to educate him, rather then talking over top of them he would “get” it.

Piers-MorganOne of the only things Rob Lowe said that I really agreed with was “The last thing viewers want is another hollywood actor telling them anything about guns, pro or con.”

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