Rob Riggle

Rob Riggle wants a piece of the action:

Top-Gun-Baby-Costume-Halloweenhaha I love how the pilot was throwing lots of G’s at Rob.  Good stuff.

<— I vote for the top gun twins also getting a part in Top Gun 2. :P

Funny guy, and a military veteran too.


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If this doesn’t sell the game, I don’t know what will:

I’ve always been a fan of Rob Riggle Jr..  In addition to being an actor and a comedian he’s also a USMC officer.

So many good lines in the video… “This is my clan, the bitch slaps. Don’t get slapped.”

Call Of Duty Elite requires Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3, so if you need it they dropped the price over at Amazon.

Verdict on this one?


Yea this is pretty much how it would go down:

Awesome vid.

FACT: Rob Riggle (The guy who plays the SEAL) is a U.S. Marine Corps Officer, and a damn funny guy in the movies I’ve seen him in.

Excellent use of “Sweet Home Alabama” too.