A surveillance video of the incident:

Gainesville, FL – Two masked men entered the Palms Internet Cafe, 8444 SW State Road 200 in Ocala, just before 10 p.m. Friday July 13. One of the men had a gun. Samuel Williams, 71, who fired the shots, has a concealed weapons permit, according to the Sheriff’s Office.  Both of the crooks suffered non-life threatening gunshot wounds and were later captured.

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Interesting that people look dumbfounded and aren’t moving anywhere quickly once the shots start popping off.  Good to hear the robbers were captured, it’s a shame they lived though.


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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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This looks like it has potential:

Imagine a game that draws inspiration from the large scale, multiplayer experience of a title such as Battlefield 3, and combines it with the cops and robbers style of Grant Theft Auto and HEAT. Welcome to POLICE WARFARE; a multiplayer first person shooter set in the world of armed robbery and law enforcement. Players will go toe-to-toe as either a member of the Los Angeles Police SWAT team, or the opposite side of the law, robbing banks as an armed gunman.

They had me at HEAT (my all time favorite movie).  At the time of writing this they are very far away from their funding goal ($15664/325000), but there is a month left so who knows what could happen if enough people spread the word.  I was actually surprised that the other crowd sourced video game I blogged about was 110% funded when it ended!

Lots more details over at the KickStarter website.  Make sure you check it out and even put some of your own money in to back the project if you’re interested.

Thoughts?  Are you guys excited about these crowdsourced games, or are you happy with what the major game companies are currently delivering?

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Well this is awkward:

Unorthodox, maybe… But a damn good way to flush out the truth if you ask me.

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I remember being irritated that the robbers were so close to getting McCauley Culkin so many times.

He should have used the freddiew method as shown in the video.


We don’t let our son point guns – not even toy guns – at people. If he plays with his “rifle” (which looks fairly realistic), it’s with Dad, in a way that will teach him good gun safety habits.  We want to shape his respect for guns in advance of the day when he might learn to handle a real gun.

My gun stance is basically this: I am not anti-gun, I am anti-shooting people.

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Parents banning cops & robber, cowboys & Indians, army etc…?!?! Way to ruin your kid’s childhood.

I hate to think what other forms of childhood fun these parents ban.

Myself, and every kid I grew up with used to play with toy guns, and none of us have terrible gun safety habits.  Unless you have a below average mental capacity, you will learn as a part of growing up, that real guns and toy guns can not be treated alike.

Accidents are bound to happen regardless of all the ridiculous restrictions people  put on things.

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