Rock Galotti

Yeager and him talking for 51 minutes:

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedI haven’t watched this yet, but I’m sure it will be good.  It’s hard to be mad at a guy who wants the same thing we want… realism in Hollywood movies.  Yeager talked to him in a video preview back in February and it was very interesting. This video is a continuation of that 7 minute discussion.  This is where I nonchalantly mention that I have a girlfriend now.  I’m making her dinner then we’re going to see the movie “The Walk“, so I don’t have time to watch a 51 minute video currently.  Since you asked (thank you for asking btw, you guys are so nice), she’s looking forward to me taking her shooting.  Tinder and everything else was deleted a few weeks ago; Royal Nonesuch‘s mom missed her chance.  I’d still consider adopting Royal Nonesuch though and raising him as my own personal weapons manufacturer.  I predicted and lobbied on the blog for MrColionNoir’s rise to the NRA, and mark my words Royal Nonesuch will impress us with something mainstream gun related someday.

Thoughts?  Let me know how this video is if you watch it before me. Only Yeager could acquire a Spiderman t-shirt that looks like a shitty Affliction brand design LOL *smh*.

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Yeager with a short preview interview this movie weapons coordinator / armorer/ weapons specialist:

Platoon!  Ya right?! This guy seems pretty badass (and he wears a no-date Rolex Submariner, so naturally thumbs up for that too).  I’m looking forward to the full Ammonation interview.

sad_keanuI have a long list of movie gripes that extend beyond the couple he mentioned.  People are going wild in the video comments outlining those others, and even pointing out errors in movies Rock worked on. :P

Keanu Reeves sounds like a good guy for sure.  That “buying the stunt guys Harleys + jacket & helmet + insurance for many years” move IS classy.  Good for him for not being a stuck up douchebag.

You can check out Rock’s IMDB page for the list of movies he has been involved in.