The Rock looks pretty badass in this:

He sure puts in a lot of work with that revolver in the trailer.

Release Date: 24 November 2010


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Ever since the military and law enforcement started using m16’s and m4’s produced by Colt, the company developed an elitist status because they chose largely to turn their nose up at civilian market.

Now they seem to want a piece of the market, with the new AR6720.

The fact the pricing for the Colt 6720 is being based on serial number just goes to show that you can’t shake old habits. I don’t know if the tiered pricing was decided by Colt or by Clyde Armory (the exclusive retailer of the 6720).  The serial number in itself obviously only has extrinsic value… meaning no one really cares what it is, unless you can find someone pretentious enough that “NEEDS” a certain serial number that you possess.  Unless of course for this model, Colt doesn’t clean or calibrate their machines after the first parts are made.  I guess that would make the later ones less valuable? :P heheh

Here is how the pricing goes…

  • The least expensive guns are serial # 400 and up – $1200
  • Most expensive serial # 11 – $3000

#1 – #10 are apparently “spoken for”

I’ll admit $1200 isn’t TOO terrible…  like Solomon at SNAFU! mentioned though, it is still quite a bit higher than similar offerings from Bushmaster, Rock River Arms, Armalite etc…

I don’t ever like telling people what to do with their money, but in my opinion if you even pay $50 more for a #300 to #399 serial you’re making a big mistake. No matter what, you are better off buying a different brand name AR-15 such as the ones mentioned above, and spending the left over money on ammo or a red dot optic.

Clyde Armory for purchase info on the guns – HERE


Old but good…

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Rob from has a few great comparison charts that he was kind enough to make public.

These charts cover all major brands, and should make it a lot easier to narrow down your next purchase based on your wants and needs.


Although these charts seem to be updated from time to time, they may not be right up to the current date.  They are meant as a guide, so do your own due diligence when finally deciding what to purchase.